Thursday, February 12, 2009

Reason #5: Evan is Easy-Going

Evan is the 5th out of 6 kids, and with that came his easy-going personality. We always called him the peacemaker while we were growing up. It is pretty hard to ruffle his feathers. But that doesn't make him a pushover or a milktoast by any means. He is game for anything (including blind dates with girls who will blog about him later). He schedules a visit to see my little family a couple of times a year and never acts like he's sick of the kids, even when they want to climb all over him constantly. He's never the one to pitch a fit about which restaurant we should go to or what we should do on a day together; I honestly believe that he is happy doing whatever it is that we all want to do.
Several summers ago, when I was expecting our 3rd (Ian), Evan lived with us and worked in the area. I worried a bit about having a college student living with us, but it was all delightful. He would get home from work about the time I was making dinner and he would either wrestle with my two boys, play the guitar for me, or ask if he could help me make dinner or run to the store for anything. He even painted the new nursery before he left town. We missed him and have tried to convince him to come back again, but he's always got some other adventure planned.

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