Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Frenzy of Fall

Fall is my favorite season, but it also seems to be the busiest in our household.

Fall is when we have the longest school days, chock full of world history, foreign language, literature, math, art, PE, science, field trips, writing, etc. In fall I am ambitious and willing to give more to homeschooling to the point of being a little ridiculous.

Fall is soccer season, the only team sport played in our family so far.

Fall is a very busy time of year in Jared's business, and this year it has been even busier as we have been remodeling a new office and preparing to move over into it soon. We host a big Patient Appreciation Day and canned food drive, and this year we'll also have a ribbon cutting and open house to show off the new space. Both events require food and drink. My mom and sister are helping me with catering this year so that I don't go absolutely crazy next month.:)

Fall is a busy time for my calling in the Primary, the children's ministry in our church. This year I am the President in our (ward) congregation, which means that the responsibility for all that goes on rests on my shoulders. Thankfully I have some wonderful counselors and teachers who help carry that load.

Fall is also full of traditions that we wouldn't miss. A trip or two to Apple Hill, a favorite spot in the Sierra foothills; a Halloween party/open house in our home; lots of favorite foods to be made; and traditions that seem to take up the entire Thanksgiving weekend with family visiting from out of town.

This year, as per usual, I am up to my ears in busy days. Jared and I collapse into bed each night, shaking our heads at how crazy the day has been. Thankfully, these busy days are full of good things and time spent together (at least my time spent together with the kids, that is!)

Just before the fall crazies hit, the week of Labor Day, our family took a much needed vacation. Ten days in Newport Beach, CA. We had ten days to be together, exploring the beach, running all over Disneyland for a 14 hour day, visiting with family and friends, and just getting away from the responsibilities of every day life. It was heavenly. All good things must come to an end, but I am so glad that we had this opportunity before the frenzy of fall.

What keeps you busy in the fall? Or is there another season that is your family's busiest?