Friday, February 13, 2009

It's Go Time!

Please go to Tamara's blog immediately and vote for Evan to be her 2nd date. This poll will only be open until midnight Pacific time/3 AM Eastern time. When you go to her blog, there is a pale orange section in the first sidebar (below the bright orange section.) Click on the red "VOTE HERE" and it will take you to the right spot.

Feel free to send an email note to all of your friends and neighbors, encouraging them to vote for Evan as well.

The results will be announced on ABC's Good Morning Amercia Weekend tomorrow, Valentine's Day. Set your TiVo or stay by the TV to see who wins!

And thanks for all your support.


Allison said...

it looks like she has takent the survey offline temporarily, because I can't access it now. I'll check back in and hour.

Allison said...

It's working now. GO Evan!

Aly sun said...

I voted and I will watch GMA tomorrow. It is fun to "know" someone who has a stake in the game. When this is all over with, maybe you should do an interview with Evan to get his take on it.