Monday, July 27, 2009

Too Busy to Blog

Dear Readers,

I apologize that I have been neglecting you so much of late. You see, between feeding Margaret 8-10 times a day, making sure that Bronwen is always in sight, keeping my boys from getting "so bored," and attempting to nap any chance I get, I have pretty much filled all my time. Add to those things that mentally I am busy thinking about and planning the new school year, pondering changing my life when it comes to healthy habits, and plotting household projects that I want done as soon as possible, and perhaps you can understand why reading and writing blog posts is barely on my radar right now.

However, I do miss this little creative outlet and the interaction it stimulates with all of you. As I mentioned a few posts ago, I have a giveaway coming up that I am really excited about as well. So this isn't meant to be any sort of long-term hiatus. In the meantime, I thought I'd share with you a little Best of Relishing Motherhood.
Have fun reading and feel free to leave me comments on any posts you read. I promise it will get me blogging again sooner.:)


mahina said...

that is life with a newborn! i still claim that as my excuse for my lack of blog posts!!

Scrappy said...

I think most of us can relate. My poor boys have been "so bored" for weeks. I can't remember the last time we left the house. *sigh*
It was great to hear from you. Take your time, but I will be happy to see you up and running again soon (and with a givaway?! yipee!)

izziemakesthree said...

I loved reading all of your "old" posts. The one about saying goodbye to your childhood home was great. I don't know if my mom told you yet, but the person who bought your moms house is a secretary in my moms dept. at work! We've known her for over 20 years, she is a very nice lady and we told her all about you and your family and what a special home it was, she was happy to hear all about you guys! Small world!!

Tamara said...

i wanna make those cookies! yum! (wish you could've tasted the lasted key lime tart made here. good stuff.)

and i love your 100th post. that's so cute!
but... i kinda REALLY love the ones about me... :) haha!!!

i love your writing, no matter how frequent or scattered your entries might be!
i hope you at least get a chance to write about your upcoming Labor Day party in a month. i'm really looking forward to it!

Stacey said...

I read your cookie recipe and went right to work. I made them today and they turned out great. I also was able to make ooodles and ooodles of them. Thank you so much for your blog and insights. By the way, I grew up in Roseville and I loved it. I now live in Rocklin. I can't wait for the give away. :)

Ashley said...

I think the 61 post about Henry is my fave!