Monday, October 1, 2007

Lucky 61

Scene 1: Kimball and Michal visit the allergist's office for a follow up appointment. The nurse checks Kimball's height and weight.

Nurse: Kimball, you weigh 61 pounds!
Kimball: (with much excitement) 61? That's Henry's favorite number!!!
Nurse to Michal: How did Henry get a favorite number like 61?
Michal: (shrugging) No idea.

Scene 2: Later that day, as the boys return home from school. It is the first time they have seen each other since Kimball's earlier appointment.

Kimball: (bursting through the door, eager to share his good news) Henry! Henry! Guess what? I weigh 61 pounds!!!!
Henry: (incredulously) You do? . . . . (as a smile spreads across his face) Coooooool.

Kids are so strange!


Deborah Gamble said...

That's a great story!

Mahina said...

61?? i wonder why the number is 61? such a random number. very cute! i love to see how excited kids get about little things like numbers, not to mention the funny things that kids get excited about!

Michal said...

we are completely baffled by his choice of the number 61, but it is well known in our home to be the favorite of henry.
if only i weighed my favorite number!

Deborah Gamble said...


You know darn well you don't want to weigh 61 pounds. But transposed a bit - I'd love to weigh 116. Can you imagine!!!

Michal said...

i'm afraid at the moment, 161 would be an improvement! but i was thinking more in the 125 range. i would be smokin hot!:)

Suldog said...

Well, I weigh about 190 at the moment, if that's any help :-)

Michal said...

thank you for the encouraging words!;)

Deborah Gamble said...


I'd love to weigh 125 too. Maybe someday. I ahven't weighed 116 since I was 13 or 14, so it probably is not going to happen.

Tyler said...

this is the best post ever! I can see it happening in my mind. we need to get scotty a little brother soon.

Michal said...

let's see--scotty is three weeks old? is erika ready to discuss a little brother?
actually, come to think of it, when we had kimball we immediately started talking about the next one. it wasn't until we already had three kids that we decided we needed a cooling off period before we made decisions about future kids!

Anonymous said...

61, that is when I will retire! It's a great number!

Michal said...

are you sure that mom will let you?:) i hope that 61 does turn out to be your lucky number!