Wednesday, October 3, 2007


Many of you who know me well know me to be a fairly regular attender of Weight Watchers. When Henry was about one year old, I joined and lost 40 pounds and felt great. I know the plan works. The problem is that I haven't been working the plan very well since then. I joined up after I had Ian and lost some weight, but never got back to the weight I had been when I got pregnant. Then I had Bronwen. Suffice it to say that I have been back at WW for many moons now and all I have to show for it is a ten pound weight loss.
Now don't get me wrong. I know that if I hadn't been trying at all, I'd probably have GAINED ten pounds in the past six months rather than lost them. I just have such a love affair with food and have an enormous appetite while I'm nursing.
Anyway, I have officially declared this pansy version of Weight Watchers to be over for me. I am not going to eat the WW plan four days out of the week any more. I am not going to pay them my $40 a month in order to gain and lose the same pound over and over again. I know that their plan works and I know that I really want to lose the wieght and have a healthier lifestyle--so I know what I need to do.
I told my friend Mandy today that I was going to start referring to white flour and sugar as poison because they are surely my downfall, and I just need to get it through my head that they are detrimental to my healthy life. I need to see them for what they really are. I have no intention of giving them up completely, but I really do not need to be looking for something sweet to eat every afternoon. As a matter of fact, I know that I have it bad when I'm already looking for chocolate by mid-morning, as I was today. So, after our WW meeting today, I pledged to write down every bite I took and to stay as far away from the poison as I can while I detox.
Can I just say that I have been craving poison ALL AFTERNOON? In fact, one reason that I am blogging right now instead of folding laundry or something more worthwhile at 5:00 pm is that I have been working on dinner in the kitchen and I just want something chocolately and baked so badly. Yikes. I'm pathetic. But I just know that if I don't get over this, I am not going to be any thinner in January, because if I give into my instincts I do nothing but bake and eat from October through New Years.
Most of my readers have probably stopped reading at this point, completely bored by my ramblings. Believe me, today is strictly therapy. For me. But if you are still reading, feel free to pass along tips that work for you or recipes for favorite healthy foods (I don't do artificial sugar, so no Splenda recipes, please.)
And I promise to write about something more worthwhile and interesting next time.


Rebecca said...

I was watching Late Night television...I think it was David Letterman who had Goldie Hawn on his show. This was probably about 5-6 years ago. He asked her how she stayed in great shape all the time and she responded that it's the way she "intended" to be. It's all about intent! I hear you on the cravings and need to have just something that would satisfy the desire. I'm right there with you. I was so good on my weight watchers until about July...since then I've only lost about 1-2 lbs. per month. It's because I've been eating all the wrong things. But, all it takes is a little intent and determination and the program works like a dream. Good luck!

Deborah Gamble said...

I love this blog about weight loss. She is my daily motivation.

Aubrey said...

I love Weight Watchers. I made lifetime in January and then promptly got pregnant!
Good for you for recommitting. You can do it! It is hard when you don't want to do artificial sugar. So much of WW is fake sweetners it seems and I don't like to do those too much either. That afternoon sugar craving is a HARD habit to break. (I am enjoying being pregnant and not counting points, but I know it will all be over very soon and then I have to get serious again!
But a good chocolaty recipe that I like is:
1-Point Chocolate Cupcakes

1 box Fat Free (Krusteaz or No Pudge is good) brownie mix
3 c Bran Buds (All Bran) cereal
2 1/2 c water
1 tsp baking powder
1 tsp vanilla
1/2 cup chocolate chips.

Mix the cereal and water and let sit for 10 minutes. Mix in the rest of the ingredients and pour into cupcake pan. Bake at 350 for 20 minutes. (or less time if you like the gooey)
Makes 24 1-pt cakes

These are good cuz so much fiber makes them quite filling. And they freeze well.

Good Luck!

Anonymous said...

Todays a new day ... Just keep thinking how good your going to feel when you reach a goal... I keep thinking about how much better I will feel and look. Dosent mean I'm not having hard days but we can do it....( I cheated Last nigh):(

Melissa said...

Hey Michal,
Have you tried these chocolate cupcakes. I am pretty sure they are 2 points each. (someone told me they were only 1 and I don't believe them.)They are simple to make and taste great. It is a classic WW recipe.

Chocolate cupcakes

1 box Devils food cake
1 can (small 14.5 oz) pureed pumpkin

Mix these two ingredients together. Bake as directed on the cake mix box. SOOO good!
I am going to try the 1 point cupcake recipe. That sounds good also.
Good luck on your weight loss journey. It is not easy! I gained the most weight ever with this last baby. It is not easy to lose it. But I am trying.

Michal said...

i feel so loved and understood! thanks for your comments, rebecca, debbie, mandy, aubrey,and melissa! sometimes it helps to know that other people have the same cravings and overcome them--and that when you do give in sometimes, it doesn't make you BAD. that recipe looks great, aubrey. i'll have to try it.

Tyler said...

A little temptation....or not if you think about the hit to the pocket book.