Sunday, October 21, 2007

Out of the Mouths of Babes

Today was the Primary Sacrament Meeting Presentation in our ward. (A translation for those of you who are not LDS: The children, ages 3-11, presented a program of music and speaking parts that outlined what they have learned this year in their Sunday School classes. Hang with me--eventually you'll have all the lingo down!) The entire program was wonderful. It was simple and sweet and the kids spoke their lines well. The theme was "I'll Follow Him (Jesus) In Faith."
The last song that they sang was one that I sang as a child and taught to Primary children during the 5 years that I served as a chorister when we were newlyweds. And yet, today as they sang it, the simple but powerful message really hit me. This is one that we all need to remember and I pray that my children have internalized, as it will bless them all of their days.

Listen to the still, small voice
Listen, listen!
When you have to make a choice,
He will guide you

(Words and music by Merrill Bradshaw. Follow the link to hear the song.)
Thanks to the Primary children and their leaders for inspiring and lifting us today.


scrap chair potato said...

Reading all of these blog posts about primary programs is getting me really excited for ours next week. I will be surprised if my son speaks loud and clear enough for us to hear.
Thanks for sharing.

Melissa said...

Ours program is next week also. This will be Cassidy's last Primary Presentation. (She turns 12 in March) This is Hayley's 1st Primary Presentation. She has her part memorized, however we are unsure if she will go through with it. She doesn't like to get up infront of the Ward. So it will be interesting for us to see if she does it.

Rebecca said...

Our program is Nov. 11th. I just got called as Senior Primary chorister this past weekend, just in time to take over on the music! Gheesh! The junior chorister is also brand new this week and the pianist was brand new last week. Are they trying to give me a heart attack? I will have to channel my mind back a few years and remember all the good ideas you had for teaching songs.

Noah has to give a short talk on the Holy Ghost (think 3 short sentences) and Sam doesn't get a part, there isn't enough time for Sunbeams to have speaking parts :( Too many kids still, it would be an extra, extra long meeting if they did. Kinda sad!

Aubrey said...

I have enjoyed your last few posts--good luck with home schooling!! I know you will be a fabulous teacher for your kids!
I love the Primary program---Ours is this Sunday and I will most likely miss it which makes me sad. There really is nothing sweeter than hearing innocent voices singing the songs and bearing simple testimonies.

Morgan said...

You were the Primary Chorister for 5 years?? I just got called...this upcoming Sunday is my first ones! HELP : )!!!!

Suldog said...

Sorry - nothing to do with your post, but thought you might be interested. I'm running a small World Series contest at my place, and the deadline is 6am tomorrow morning, so I thought you might like to pop over and have a guess.

Michal said...

wish i could be a fly on the wall to hear big l participate!

Michal said...

it's always a crap shoot how our kids will be. thankfully, kimball did not spit into the mike this year, so that was an improvement over last year! good luck!

Michal said...

oooh, rebecca! i'm sorry! just do your best and remember that if it isn't the best program ever, there's always next year. that is cool that you have a jr and a sr primary chorister. you must have an enormous ward!
i'm sure you'll do great.

Michal said...

good to hear from you. i love knowing who is reading this thing.

Michal said...

it is the best calling ever! except for gospel doctrine teacher, my personal favorite.
i think the key is to remember that your calling is to teach the gospel through music. don't get so caught up in making it fun that you forget to bring the spirit in. i think that most kids remember the songs years later, but few remember any lessons. i tried to make singing time kind of like a lesson that taught a principle, so i tied the songs together and then always bore my testimony at the end. if they feel the spirit, they will love primary even more than if they play a loud, rowdy game.
good luck! you'll do great. i can only imagine what kind of props and posters you'll make.

Michal said...

i've joined the competition and passed the info on to my brothers as well.
thanks for stopping by!

Rebecca said...

Michal - I was just looking over the Primary songs for 2008's program and noticed that I will be teaching "We Thank Thee Oh God for a Prophet". Just had to let you know that the only reason I remember and know this song to this day is because you taught it a few years back in the Pickering Ward. Thanks!