Thursday, October 4, 2007

Check this out!

My last post about struggling to lose weight and beat the cravings must have hit a chord. In less than 24 hours many of you have either commented or sent me an email, sharing how hard it is for you, too.
Big thanks to Deborah Gamble, whose blog I adore, for recommending this blog to me. I love it and have added her to my blogroll. I have poured over several of her recent posts and can't wait to go back and read more.
By the way, I resisted the poison and feel stronger today (although chocolate in any form is still calling my name, today I feel like I can beat it because I did yesterday.) Thanks for feeling my pain with me!


Calamity Jane said...

I think I just posted and then got the letters wrong. Dang, I lost everything, It was brilliant too.

Thanks for finding me. I am excited to get to know you through your blog. Hang in there, Nursing is the toughest time for me to lose weight. I get so hungry I could eat the food I spoon into my babys mouth, (the fruit really esp. bananas, rice cereal - not so tempting).

Michal said...

thanks for coming over to check out my blog. i am looking forward to reading yours to be inspired.
as for the nursing, even though it seems like my body holds onto the weight, i feel like there is always some excuse to be fat. i'm so done with that!

Deborah Gamble said...


I'm glad you like her blog. She is so inspirational on so many levels! I feel so lucky to have found it.

Michal said...

yes, thanks again for the link. i'm trying to read her blog daily.