Friday, October 12, 2007

Life is Crazy

I finally have my new computer and have been dying to post the past couple of days. But things are taking a rather crazy turn around here and I haven't had time. There are some exciting things in our future. . . stay tuned for more info. I will leave you to speculate for a few days (leave a comment with your guesses).
In the meantime, I am busy making soups and stews for Jared's Patient Appreciation Day tomorrow. I made rolls earlier this week and froze them. Hopefully things will be a bit calmer by tomorrow evening and I might even get a post in before the Sabbath!
Thanks for not giving up on me. I love knowing that people are reading and I haven't been giving you much to work with lately! Bronwen has resorted to reading the ads in the Sunday paper. Yikes!


Bec said...

You're moving to Washington D.C!!! :)

Anonymous said...



Rebecca said...

Jared is being called as the Bishop!

Rebecca said...

Ok, so I guess my last suggestion wouldn't necessarily constitute "exciting". So, I will guess again. Are you moving?

Rhonda said...

You're getting the back yard landscaped?

david mcmahon said...

You're moving to Australia!!!

Calamity Jane said...

Well, with my divining skills, I see why you are excited: You woke up this morning to find you won some obscure sweepstakes with a prize of $1,000,000. As you got dressed you found that you dropped 2 dress sizes, when you left your house you found a new car which was full of a new invention called "fat free-calorie free chocolate" which you have been chosen to test market. On your daily errands you found out that your baby can now speak in complete sentences by hearing her say "mom, I really need to use the toilet". As you returned home to let your precious child use the toilet you found the cast of Extreme home makeover there to take care of you while your husband will whisk you to Hawaii leaving your children in the care of super nanny so that you can return to both a perfect home and perfect children.

Or your husband got a promotion.

That is what my newly discovered sixth sense is telling me.

Excited to see how I did.

Michal said...

i love all these guesses.
bec, sorry, but you'll have to move to cali if we are going to be neighbors. maybe after the 2008 election we'll be able to tempt you away from dc.
mandy, not a chance, although that would be exciting to say the least.
rebecca, no, no, and no. thankfully, i still have jared sitting through sacrament meeting with me and our four lively kiddos.
mom, only in my dreams. besides, our lives are such that big changes seem to come quickly, but never home improvement projects!
david, i wish it was a visit to aussie country. never been, but we'd love to go.
calamity, i'm afraid that your sixth sense is not very reliable yet. but keep working on honing those divination skills. the only thing you got right was that i would eat too much chocolate today.