Friday, November 21, 2008

Christmas wishes and toddlers

The other night at dinner, we were going around the table, telling what we wanted for Christmas. The boys each named off their items (a pirate shirt, lots of Legos and Star Wars things, an anti-gravity car, anything remote control, blah blah blah,) while Jared and I listened. We got around to Bronwen and asked her, sure that she didn't have a clue what we were talking about.
  • Me: What do you want for Christmas, Bronwen?
  • Bronwen: Um, I nno (I don't know). Uuh, dresses (as she rubbed her belly. This means clothes.)
What?! Did I hear that right?
  • Me: You want some new clothes for Christmas?
  • Bronwen: Yesh.
  • Jared: We are in so much trouble!
So there you have it. Our not quite two year old is already requesting new clothes for Christmas.

Jared may take it as a bad sign, but I'm thrilled. My boys have stopped wanting clothes years ago (unless the clothes have a character on them, which I am generally opposed to.)

And by the way, one of my favorite baby girl brands, Baby Lulu, showed up at COSTCO this week! I had a hard time narrowing it down to one outfit, but now that Bronwen has expressed her wishes, maybe I should go pick out another! Go see if your Costco has them.

Here she is in my adorable Target clearance rack find: this printed corduroy dress. She was not interested in having her photo taken, even if it was for Nana. Those terrible twos are on their way!

And here's a glimpse of what we'll be doing today.


Angela said...

That is such a dynamite picture of her crying. I just love those days!

nickandstaci said...

that is way too cute~girls are so much fun! baby lulu at costco, we are going to have to check that out! hope the potty training goes well.

Aly sun said...

The picture of her in mid-tantrum and the picture of undies reminds me so much of my own little girl who is now 4. Only by the grace of God did we make it through ages 2-3. It was tough, but we came out the other side stronger (and potty trained).

It is so much fun to have little girls to dress! But yes, dad's in for lots of trouble.

MoziEsmé said...

She's got her priorities straight, obviously! Esme's not there yet - I let her choose her own clothes each day (from 3 choices) and she almost always goes for the shorts/tshirt... :)

And that tantrum shot is adorable!

Sea Star said...

oh those tantrums are such fun!

I hope the potty training is going well. My now 3+ year old just doesn't want anything to do with underwear. Someday I really hope he decides to use the potty.

Life At MandyLand said...

Thank Heaven for Little Girls

Mahina said...

now you know what life is like in our home! although, my girls don't have too many strong opinions about clothes. thank goodness!

kawena is a drama mama 2 year old! so cute, but oh the drama!

good luck with the potty training. i learned from the first two that i will not start until she asks for it. with lala she was asking for a month before i finally gave in and let her wear panties. it was WAY easier than the struggle with nani who WE decided to start training! kawena has been going back and forth for about 3 months, but we aren't pushing it! though it would be great NOT to have 2 in diapers! we've managed to aviod that so far, but i'm thinking we may not be that lucky this time!

Erika said...

potty training? really? she's not even 2 yet!!!
let me know how it goes!

love that first picture. I am so excited to see her, she just looks so grown up! What a doll :-)

less than a week!!!

hivovenu-opening in wall to enable viewing of altar

Aubrey said...

So very cute. Oh, the drama with girls!!!!
Good luck with the potty-training. How great will that be to not have any in diapers!

Steph @ Diapers and Divinity said...

I was skeptical when I had a girl after two boys, but she has totally charmed me. They are fun, and opinionated and so connected to everyone around them. I love it. Your little girl is adorable, tantrums and all.

Cammi said...

I love it! How fun that she already appreciates a cute outfit! Shopping for girls is so much more fun than for boys! I love that cute Target dress. They have had some VERY cute kids (and adult) clothes lately! Oh, good luck with the potty training! I'm not envious - that was by far the most difficult milestone to reach in our house! Hope she does well with it!

An Ordinary Mom said...

Potty training? I wish you all the luck in the world :) !! I just finished that dreaded task and I never thought we would be successful, lol!

Rebecca said...

That is one cute dress on an adorable girl!

I think I must be slow today, because I don't get the picture with the underwear and candy corn. Unless you were folding laundry and eating candy corn?

Hopefully it didn't involve eating too much candy, then soiled underwear? :D