Saturday, November 1, 2008

Where Have I Been?

I feel like this blog is my long lost (or at least neglected) friend of late. Things have just been so constantly busy around here that I have little time to read or write blog posts. And I miss it! Yet I'm not sure exactly what I could have cut out these past couple of weeks. Here is a glimpse at what we have done in the last 7 days. Obviously, little time has been spent at the computer. To those of you who think that I have turned my back on your blogs, please know that I will make it back!

So, here are a few things that have been keeping us busy:

Soccer. Luckily Unfortunately, today's games were rained out. But last Saturday we had two soccer games. And we are at the point in the season where almost everyone wishes it would just be over!:)

Prop 8. We've been to rallies, town hall meetings, and phone banks trying to spread the excitement and educate people about Prop 8. We've been to training meetings and planning meetings. We've been talking about this so much with everyone that we know that I'm not sure what we'll talk about after Tuesday (don't forget to vote!) We are in the final days now. The final days of calling the people who promised to vote yes until they get to the polls. The final days of waving signs on street corners. The final days of knocking on doors and shaking hands.

Cub Scouts. Kimball's pack had a great meeting at the library. Although we go to the library regularly and check out our limit of 50 books, Kimball didn't have his own library card yet. Well, he does now. The librarian also showed the boys lots of new books that were just up their alley. Kimball came home with a few of her suggestions, including books about gross things, books about spooky things, books about world records. . . . yes, he still loves books. He also participated in retiring the flag at the library that day. And no, I have no idea where his neckerchief and slide are. Thanks for noticing he wasn't in full uniform!

Homeschool. We are busy learning about the ancient Greeks. Among other things, this week we learned about the Greek alphabet and tried writing our names using it. We also adorned Grecian urns with drawings of mythological stories, had our own Olympic games, and brushed up on the Odyssey, which we read together last spring.

Halloween. Duh. We had a ward trunk-or-treat plus our annual Halloween open house, inspired by our dear friends, the Renoufs. (You can read about our tradition here.) Yesterday the forecast called for rain, so we set up the shade tarps just in case. The rain stayed away until about 8:15, over two hours into the party. We had a good turnout, especially given the weather, and fun was had by all. One Tinkerbell even managed to sleep through a good part of it before awaking to play with her friends.

Kimball agreed to be a clown for the trunk or treat, but for Halloween night, he had only one wish. He had to be Howard Carter. (Go ahead and click the link. You have no idea who Howard Carter is--admit it! I didn't.) With his nana's help, he and Henry turned their room into an Egyptian tomb, complete with hieroglyphics, paintings of Egyptian gods, and a sarcophagus. He led our guests on expeditions back to the tomb, where his lantern was the only light, and explained all the details of the paintings to them. He was absolutely adorable!

This Bon Jovi wannabe grilled and served hot dogs and corn dogs all night (after cleaning my house and setting up tables, chairs, and tarps for me.) This annual gig couldn't be done without all his work.

Our little ballerina proved to be quite the party girl.
After the initial phase where she bolted out the open double doors and towards the front street multiple times, she finally figured out that the fun was to be in the thick of things. She flitted about, visiting everyone, charming people into taking the wrapper off of a lolly for her every time one ran out. (The clever girl had quickly discovered where the trick-or-treat bin was.) She was thrilled when any of her friends arrived, like her cousins, Lydia

and Isaac, or her BFF, Cali. She refused to go to bed until our guests were gone, even though it was long past her bedtime.

Ian, on the other hand, is famous for getting dressed for bed halfway through the party and he lived up to his reputation this year. Henry was thrilled to not have his mom policing his food (although he kept asking me before he ate anything, not quite catching on that I was going to let him eat whatever he wanted that night.) He paid for it this morning, though, by puking the chocolately contents of his stomach at 8:00 am. It's a good thing that at our house the candy disappears on November 1st. We get our fill before then.

I'm hoping that after the election on Tuesday I'll have some time to write and read blogs more often, but I'm not making any promises. November is not known for its unhurried ways around these parts. It's pretty much a whirlwind from now until January 2nd. But please stick with me. I'll try hard not to neglect you if you'll still check in once in a while!


Sonja said...

I'm so glad for this post! You have, been busy. I think all the work you are doing for Prop 8 is so wonderful.

Ok, I also think it is so stinking awesome that Kimball wanted to be Howard Carter! I didn't remember who he was and went to the link and smiled.

Yep, there's some excellent learning going on over there.

Hurry back when you can.

scrap chair potato said...

Man, I wish I lived there so I could go to your parties!

I love all of the costumes.

I know how you feel about neglecting your blog. I feel like mine has been neglected for months. It is just so much more fun to read other blogs, like yours, when I have a little computer time.

I am looking forward to Tuesday to see if your (and all the others) hard work has paid off. I sure hope so!

Becky said...

Yay! I love all the pictures. I'm sad that I wasn't invited back into the tomb to see all of Mr. Carter's discoveries. I must have been busy outside chasing Tinkerbell.
Thanks for all your hard work, both on Prop 8 and the fantastic Halloween party.
We love you!

Erika said...

Wow. Kimball never ceases to amaze me.
What a champ. LOVE the outfit (so cute with that red bow tie!), love the bedroom get up & the lantern & the tours... man I wish we could have been there!
poor Scotty's missing out on all the good Johnson traditions! Not to mention being the ONLY grandson/cousin not within 30 minutes of another.
Bronwen is getting so grown up. Hard to believe she's that close to 2. Crazy.

Allison said...

Fun Pictures! Fun Party!

Keli and Mike said...

Thanks for having us at your party, it was great! We absolutely loved your chili. I'll have to get the recipe from you.

mindyluwho said...

I'm sad I missed your party. I had company or we would have come.

I LOVE what Kimball did!

No need to apologize for living life! I'll keep checking in, in between living life!

Ashley said...

Thanks for the BFF shout out. Calli loves the Thomas kids! Thanks for a fun party too.

An Ordinary Mom said...

Life certainly has been busy, LOL! Tis the season. And thanks again for ALL the work you have done on Prop 8. You are simply amazing!

Cute Halloween pictures!

Hansen Family said...

Hey, it has been a LONG time since I have made a comment on your blog. I am still checking in on it, though. Great job on your Prop 8 work. I knew who Howard Carter is because of reading the Ameilia Peabody series by Elizabeth Peters. It is one of my favorite series! Good luck on the vote!

Mary said...

Tell Bon Jovi that he's quite the sweet rockstar!! : ) Also, great work on all that Prop 8 stuff...we're praying!!

Smith Family said...

Hi. thanks for all your work on prop 8. Will you post in the morning and let us know what happened. I am not sure how to find out the results in CA and I am dying to hear.

Looks like you guys had a fun halloween!

Rebecca said...

How adorable they look!