Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Photo Tag

This tag has been floating around the blogs I read for some time, but I've finally been tagged. I really should be writing my weekly report for last week on this blog, but I just don't feel like it, so here I am. Thanks, Molly!

Here are the rules. Post the fourth picture in the fourth folder of you picture files. Tell us about the picture. Tag a friend or two.

This picture was taken almost exactly two years ago, by our friend Maggie Rassmussen. She came up with my brother, Evan, and shot hundreds of pictures of our family. We went to Apple Hill, a Halloween party, the temple grounds, and just spent time at home, all the while she was snapping pictures. She did excellent work and I love every one of them. This one caught Kimball in a familiar pose. It was after breakfast on a Saturday or Sunday morning and he was stretched out in the sunshine near the sliding door, reading a book. He was six and a half at the time. You can still find him in his spare moments (and in moments when he is supposed to be getting dressed, cleaning his room, or some other productive thing) reading a book, lost to the world around him.

Thanks, Maggie, for taking these pictures that my family will always treasure.

I tag Sonja, Mandy, and Morgan.


Chocolate on my Cranium said...

Love the picture. I should do that sometime - take photos throughout the day or week of all our activities, keeping a record of how we actually live.

mindyluwho said...

I love the picture, and especially the black and white rendering. How fun to have someone else snapping the pictures!

While I wasn't tagged, I did play along so check out my post!

Sonja said...

What a great picture! AND a fun tag. I'll go post my picture right now. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I TOTALLY SPACED THIS! I'll get on it asap : )