Sunday, October 26, 2008

I am Ian

Since today is Ian's birthday, I thought I'd do an I Am meme on him. I interviewed him for most of these answers, but at one point he got so silly that he kept answering "the trees" for everything so I had to answer a few for him.

Ian's answers first:

I am: a child of God.

I want: another birthday party.

I miss: the circus Grammy and Papa took me to.

I'm afraid of: bears.

I cry: when somebody hurts me.

I search for: my gardening shoes (his crocs, which he wears almost everywhere.)

I love: Mommy.

I am not: a husband.

I remember: Jesus.

I don't always: make bad choices.

I sing: Primary songs.

I like: to go on dates with Daddy. Bike riding to the park dates.

I don't like: when people eat everything. (Not sure if he means the eat all the food or if they just will eat anything you serve them???)

Now a few that I answered for him:

I always: try to make people laugh.

I dance: silly, because it makes people laugh.

I write: with either hand.

I lose: the itty bitty toys that I take to bed with me.

I wish: that we had a dog.

I can usually be found: at the train table or on the swing set.

I need: a book, a hug, and a kiss before bed.

I argue: when I don't get my way.

I wonder: when I'll be as big as my brothers. (Soon. Very soon.)

I am happy when: I'm doing math with Mommy.

I'm so glad that Ian is a part of our family. He keeps us laughing and playful. He is the best sleeper I've ever had. He tries hard to make good choices a lot of the time. I'm proud of him.


Aubrey said...

So sweet! You are so good at keeping up with your posts. We had a first birthday at our house last week which I still have yet to up load to pictures from!

Happy Birthday Ian!

Anonymous said...

I love my Ian because he loves to sing songs with Grammy. It is the highlight of the Sabbath Day to put him to bed and sing about birds, trees, Heavenly Father, pigeons, cabooses, and Ragtime Cowboy Joe.

Happy Birthday Mr. Ian.

Love, Grammy

mindyluwho said...

I love that he answered so many of them with reference to church related things...I am glad Ian has such a good mommy!

Leslie said...

I am a couple of posts behind, but I loved The Big Top Circus Birthday Party. The invitations in popcorn boxes were so cute. I loved the face painting, and Ally's cake was amazing. It looked very professional.

Also, I enjoyed your post about your ancestors, and all you have written regarding Prop 8. It seems so strange that traditional marriage is something we actually have to vote for and defend.

Erika said...

Happy Birthday!
So nice to talk to you yesterday!
Sounds like we might see you at Thanksgiving :-)

Life At MandyLand said...

Happy Birthday Ian!!! I love you because you always have a funny story to tell me.That makes me smile..

Prudy said...

That was so fun to read. Some of it was hilarious. Good to know he is not a husband yet. He is so cute and sweet and silly and fun. Every house needs an Ian.

a10cowwoman said...

cute idea. I might steal it from you. Glad you liked my Halloween costume. My own mother din't even recognize me from the pictures.

An Ordinary Mom said...

Such a sweet post. I will have to keep this in my mind when my daughter turns 8 next year!

Happy Birthday, Ian!