Saturday, May 10, 2008

For Nana on Mother's Day

My other readers should just take the day off. If I could figure out how to send an email with files this big in it, I would have done that!

Here's some video that Alli and I took of the kids on Friday. At the beginning, my camera was on an alternative color setting, unbeknownst to me. I can't even say how many takes we had to do on Ian, Bronwen, and Isaac--and never got the perfect ones. Oh well, hope it makes you smile on Mother's Day, Mom!

Here's Kimball singing his favorite hymn.

Here's Henry singing a home-cooked version of Mother, I Love You. (At the end you can tell that he has the words written on the white board and is trying to figure out why it doesn't sound right! Too cute:).

Ian required several takes because he likes to be so silly. Here's the best I could get. Wish the color were better.

This is taken when Bronwen climbed out of her high chair during one of Ian's takes. I turned around to see her standing on the counter chanting, "Nana, nana."

I had a couple more to post, including one of Isaac--but Blogger seems to be having a hard time uploading any more. It may be that I've maxed out. So I'll try another post. Happy Nana's Day!


Allison said...

You should have seen all of the out-takes. They are precious too! Unfortunatly, we waited until Isaac was ready to go down for a nap before we tried to get a cute video clip of him.
I love you! Happy Mother's Day!

Anonymous said...

I love it.. Can't wait till Kimball is a teen and he's sees it....What a special treat for Nana I sure she's going to love it...Happy Mother's Day!

Morgan said...

Hope you had a lovely Mother's Day, Mama!!

Smith Family said...

That was adorable! My kids watched all of the videos with me and they loved it. You have some good singers. Looks like you have a cute climber too. Cute idea for your Mom. I hope that you had a great mothers day too!