Friday, May 9, 2008

Book Exchange, anyone?

So, I was invited to participate in a chain-letter style book exchange. I need to pass it on to six people and I only want to send it to people who will actually do it. (I am generally the person to drop the ball on such things--fair warning if you send a recipe swap my way!)

Here's how it works: You send one book to the kid on the top of your list. (I bought this one online that I found cheap and then I didn't have to go to the effort to ship it, because you know how postally challenged I am. Go to Then you photocopy the letter, move the names up, and put your kid's name at the bottom of the list. You send it on to six friends. If everyone plays, your kid gets 36 books in a couple of weeks. I figure, even if everyone doesn't play and just some of them do, my kids will be thrilled to get a book or two in the mail.

So, who out there would like to be included? I would love to send this on to you. Please please please! Send me an email if you do. My address is sleepymumATgmailDOTcom. Here's hoping that I get at least six takers. And don't worry--if I get more than six, I can always share you with my sister, who has the same task.


Allison said...

Everyone has a few gently used or duplicate books in their collection that would be easy to pass on. No need to even buy one (unless you are "postally challenged").

I think it sounds like fun, and you knoe how magical it is for kids to get something in the mail.

Christine said...

It sounds fun- and I love new books for my kids- however- I have recently received 2 chain letters for my daughter to do a sticker club deal similar to this- and the guilt of my lack of participation is driving me crazy. I just don't think I can handle the pressure.
- Christine

Cornfields, children and waterballet said...

OK Michal,

Add me to your list. I will do it before I leave for Europe.

I love books. Add Cameron Snider to the list.

I will e-mail you and give you the info.


Anonymous said...

Ok I did this just last year and I really enjoyed sending the books and my kids loved getting the mail, but I didnt get but one back.. So I would love to do it if its people who really want to do ...

Melissa said...

You can include me on the list. If you need my home address, let me know.

Erika said...

there's 4 right there! Now add a few sister in laws and you're set!
I'm excited to check out the pigeon book :-)
Thanks for doing this and thanks for sharing!