Saturday, May 3, 2008

Why I Could Never Be a Professional Photographer

Have you ever tried to get three young boys to look at the camera at the same time? Anytime that we attempt this, we take countless pictures and it always goes something like this:

"Why don't you all stand on this cool rock while I take a picture?"
"Ian, come over here for a picture, please."
"Now look at me and say, beach!"
"Guys, look at ME!"
"Henry, Ian, look over HERE!"
"Come on, guys. I just need ONE picture with everyone looking."
"Let's pretend that we're explorers who discovered this beach. Look at the camera for your picture in the newspaper."
"Boys, please look at me."
(Saying nothing and hoping that by some magic, that will work.)
"Forget it. Go play. I guess we won't get a great picture on the beach."

For more on our beach exploring, check out our nature walk post on the homeschool blog.


Cornfields, children and waterballet said...

Looks like you have three very normal kids! I wish I could tell you that it gets easier! It doesn't. Chocolate bribery does work.

Love ya

Aubrey said...

Those are great pictures! While it's great to get a shot of everyone looking at you, I really love candid shots. They show what is really goin on and are the most fun to look at.
And photoshop elements can make a regular ol' photo really stand out. I highly recommend it!

Mahina said...

that is hilarious! that is the struggle, isn't it? i always love the candid shots, though. they have so much more personality of the subjects shining through! don't ya think?

scrap chair potato said...

I think those are great photos. I feel your pain though!
Cute, funny post. :)

Rebecca said...

That was funny and almost painful at the same time! I know all too well how hard it is to get a kid's attention when in a fun situation. Wonderful shots anyway, though. It looks like they were having a blast!

Kimberly said...

Okay, that made me giggle like mad! I only have two and I've the same problem - oi!

Andrea said...

That is pretty cute. I know exactly what that is like. Sometimes that is better than getting that huge fake camera smile.

Lynell said...

This is a post I can totally relate to. I actually have a photography business and take pictures at most of the pre-schools in the area. I must say "Thank goodness for photoshop" or most of our class pics would only have a couple of kids looking. Yes, I agree. It looks like you have very normal, cute kids. What a fun day at the beach!

Angela said...

These are great pics- I couldn't do it either- I get so frustrated I want to scream. But you kids look adorable

Prudy said...

I like them better natural, anyway! They look so adorable, just like happy active kids should! Erin

Martin said...

I hope that is a southern California beach.

If your north of Santa Cruz you need to dress your kids like your christmas caroling.

My Ice Cream Diary said...

Ha ha ha ha. You sound just like me when taking pictures. I'm so in love with digital cameras for this very reason. I can take 50 photos just hoping for one good shot without wasting film.

Malia said...

I think all of those pictures are great!!!