Thursday, February 14, 2008

True Love

Love is . . . .
  • Coming home on the warmest day of the year (so far) to find that your wife (who has the flu) has made chicken noodle soup. You pretend like it's just what you wanted, even though you are starving and think of soup as a first course.
  • Putting the kids to bed by yourself because your wife has the flu.
  • Quickly forgiving your wife (who has the flu) when she crabs at you for playing a video game after putting the kids to bed.
  • Hugging and kissing your wife (who has the flu) even when you're a GERMAPHOBE, because you can tell that she really needs it.
Love you, honey!


Diane said...

Aw! I just went through this too. Had a bad, bad cold, and my husband took care of everything while I laid around sneezing!

scrap chair potato said...

So sweet. What a great guy!

Martin said...

What video game? Do you have an Xbox yet? I should have given you the one I put in storage with all those games, since we bought a 360 for out here (there were a few games I had to play that are only on the 360)

BTW Portal is the game of the year - you all have to play it -for PC or 360.

Mahina said...

what a wonderful husband! that IS true love to kiss a sick person, i'm a bit of a germaphobe when it comes to the flu! great post!

Michal said...

no xbox. we have strongly resisted any gaming systems. we just bought star wars legos "the original trilogy" for the pc for henry's birthday. they had been begging for it forever. turns out jared loves it too. i should have known.
we don't need any more games to suck our time away! but thanks for the recommendation.

Anonymous said...

Martin, Michal will probably block this but if she doesn't then I would love the x-box!

Tyler said...

cummon man no self respecting chiro can believe in the germ theory after reading the green books

Martin said...

Jared - i will get you that xbox and a lot of games (including star wars ones) once i get back to cali - since its in storage, and i doubt my mom wants to go diggin' for it.

I can get you a free 10 day trial to world of warcraft. and you download it on the pc (broadband required)

Michal said...

NO WAY. thanks, but no thanks. sell it on craigs list or ebay--that's what i'll do if it comes to my house. if and when we finally get a gaming system, it will be the wii.

Martin said...

No Way! This gift horse has Johnson teeth.

I can respect your desire to have a Wii, because if Istar taught us anything it's that we'd rather have nothing than settle for less.

Oh, and that telling the truth can be dangerous business.

Michal said...

you crack me up! love the ishtar quote applied here. nice going.