Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Things I Learned This Week

Many of you may wonder how I can write a post with this title in the middle of the week, but I here I am referring to my Weight Watcher week, which runs Wednesday-Tuesday.

I'll admit that some of these things I did not learn for the first time this week, but I often have to learn things over and over and over again before they stick. And I don't mean the multiplication tables--those were easy. This is the stuff that is slow sinking in:
  • It is difficult (though not impossible, they tell me) to have a good weight loss week if the previous week you lost 4.2 lbs.
  • It is even more difficult if you aren't writing down anything you eat, nor are you actually calculating points on at least 50 percent of the things going into your mouth.
  • It is difficult (though not impossible, it's true) to have your sister bake and decorate an amazing cake and to not partake of said cake. I wouldn't want to be rude! (It tasted as good as it looks. Isn't she amazing?)
  • It is fun to watch your husband and son work long hours on a lightsaber cake for the Blue and Gold Dinner. Mostly because the rules say that you can't help. But they don't say anything about eating the scraps of cake that are not used in the final product.
  • (Even though I am not eating chocolate until Easter, I still love yellow cake. And they had almost an entire yellow cake left that they didn't use for their lightsaber.) I pick at extra cake lying around my kitchen.
  • Putting the leftover yellow cake in the freezer will only mean that I'll eat cold yellow cake instead of warm.
  • I obviously have a thing for cake that is sick and twisted and out of control.
  • It is easy to justify sleeping in instead of going to the gym when you are sick. This was a viable excuse for one week, as I had the flu for a solid 5 days.
  • It is easy to justify to oneself at 4:45 am that you might need a few more days to recover from that flu that you were so sick with last week. (Such justifications lasted an entire week after the flu was gone.)
  • It is difficult to get back into the habit of going to bed early when you haven't been to the gym in 2 weeks.
  • It is even harder to go to bed early when you are playing Spades, and (finally) beating your brother-in-law.
  • Going to your first spin workout in two weeks after staying up late and eating cake is not recommended.
  • Eating yellow cake, not counting points, sleeping through workouts and eating a gorgeous pillow cake with the accompanying white chocolate tiara does not equal weight loss. It equals weight gain. Ugly weight gain. (After my weigh in, I threw the rest of the cake in the trash. Except for the bites I took on the way to the trash can. I really have a problem!)
  • I guess I need to get back on the program if I'm going to fit into my spring clothes by spring!:)


the mother of this lot said...

Hi Michal! I called to say thank you for visiting the other day and for your lovely comments - late I know, but I'm catching up!

I cannot believe that the pillow and the tiara is actually a cake! I've never seen anything like it!
The light sabre cake looks pretty good too!

Hope you get back to cake free healthy eating soon!

Anonymous said...

So we gained a little weight this week... We need to keep remembering our goal we have been losing so we know we can do it....Yesterday was a smack of reality for me, It's really crazy to me how fast I can put it back on after I worked so hard...I'm pulling up my boot straps and going forward and I'm taking you with me my friend.... We will meet our March Goals..


Martin said...

There is no use crying
over every mistake,

You just keep on trying
till you run out of cake!

(from a hiliarious song "I'm Still Alive" - on itunes)

I love moist and warm cake and fresh chocolate chip cookies.
Since you can buy the tubs of cookie dough at costco we have cookies three times a week :)

Molly said...

The first step is to admit you have a problem, right? You did that. Me, not so much. I'm not going to admit I have a cake problem until I'm done with this pregnancy. I know I'll pay later, but I'm enjoying it now!

P.S. I loved your blog on SAHM's. You said everything perfectly. I've done both and being a SAHM is WAY harder than working outside the home.

mindyluwho said...

"Except for the bites I took on the way to the trash can."

Hahahaha! Well do I know that line!

We had a Blue & Gold dinner last night. I'll be posting pictures of the cake too, only it won't be quite as amazing as the beautiful pillow cake, that was amazing!

Kimball said...

costco cookie dough? i wouldn't let that get out--you might be disowned. you know perfectly well how to make chocolate chip cookies without the help of a premade dough. :) next time you finish a tub, keep it. then just make a batch of your own and put the dough in the tub. i promise that beryl's recipe is sooooo much better. i posted it sometime last summer. you can search under chocolate chip cookies.
be strong, brother. if you are going to get fat eating cookies, at least make sure that they are worth it!;)

Melissa said...

It is always important to "try" a piece of cake to make sure that you really "want" a piece of cake. That is the saying in our home. You were just "trying" the cake...right? Yes, like you I have a twisted obsession with cake. It really doesn't help with trying to lose weight, but it tastes SO GOOD!

Michal said...

oops. that was me, posing as kimball. he was obviously signed in and i didn't notice. it was me trash talking, not kimball!

Martin said...

If we make a batch of homemade cookies we can't help but to bake them all, then I eat cookies until i am sick of them or give them to HT families.

But the costco cookies are only good FRESH out of the oven, and so take last night for example, it was a cold night and the kids we asleep and Becky makes 6 small cookies in 3 minutes and I can dip them in milk while burning my fingers.

If they get don't get eaten right away, no even the kids are interested in them.

Martin said...

BTW, you did a better job at seperating your paragraphs this time. I would go back and do that to your epic SAHM post, it is an eye-exhausting wall of text. (my pet peeve)

Rebecca said...

I also have a big weakness for cake.
And chocolate. And chocolate chip cookies.

That's why we almost never have any of them!

The pillow cake was gorgeous! How creative!

Hang in there, you will do better this week. I started going back to the gym on Monday, and it's hard going. But you and I know that it will be worth it! (Ahem. I ate a lot of chocolate yesterday.)

Michal said...

i went back and added a space between paragraphs. i hope that appeases you. i generally use pictures to break up the dreaded "wall of text," but i didn't want pictures in the middle of my rant.
i suppose i deserve you picking on my formatting after my ragging on you about refrigerated cookie dough.

Kimberly said...

It really helps putting it all into words, doesn't it? Good for you for focusing on changes that are going to make you so much happier!

Rebecca said...

You've inspired me and I'm going to try to get up at 530 and hit the gym for yoga, pilates and aerobics. It was a cheap promotion to be able to take unlimited classes at the local gym.

christine said...

I really wanted to see more pictures of the cake!!! Please!!!!