Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Remember how Samantha on Bewitched could freeze time for everyone except herself? Hiro Nakamura and Peter Petrelli on Heroes have that same ability, and I want it. I'm officially putting it on my Christmas list. Think of all the things I could accomplish if I could stop time. My laundry would all be caught up. My Christmas cards would have been done a long time ago, and the large pile of presents in my bedroom which are cleverly covered with a queen size blanket, would have been wrapped and stashed a week ago. I would be posting every day with new things to enlighten, uplift, and entertain you.

Amidst the craziness of Christmas time, the disasters in western Washington put it all into perspective. How blessed I am to have clothes that need to be washed, dried, folded and put away, instead of just hauled to the dumpster because they have been destroyed by muddy flood waters. How blessed am I to have a bedroom floor, even if it has presents that need wrapping--still. How blessed am I to have a computer, from which I can occasionally post to my blog. So many people have lost everything.
Daring Young Mom has been working to mobilize people to help. Although I have never met her, I have long enjoyed her blog. I recently discovered as well that she is a former roommate of my sister-in-law, Erika. So I believe her to be completely trustworthy. Anyway, if you are interested in seeing more about what can be done to help, check out this link. She encourages us to donate through her blog or through the Red Cross. It is really humbling to see what the people in the path of destruction are dealing with. And if you want to do something for people closer to home, look around you. I guarantee that you will find people in need, people for whom you can make a difference this Christmas.
I just hope Santa brings me what I want--super powers. Is that too much to ask?


E said...
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E said...

Sorry for deleting my previous comment- I noticed a typo after I'd published it.
Here is the spell check version:

I'd love those powers too, although I'm afraid I'd be guilty of using them to get more sleep...not more things done :-)
Just for the record, Kathryn wasn't my roommate; her husband was my home teacher (they were in our married ward at BYU). She's still legit :-)