Sunday, July 1, 2007

Taking the Plunge

After toying with the idea for some time, I've finally jumped (I never have been able to pull off a graceful dive) into the inviting waters of the blogosphere. I have been hesitant up until now for a few reasons: first, that it was just another project to consume my limited free time. I already have plenty of things that I've been meaning to get to. Painting my kitchen cabinets has been my next project for four years now, just to give you an idea of how long I can procrastinate a worthwhile project. At the same time, I somehow felt that I was making a commitment and that I wouldn't want my blog to become dusty and old, one of those sites you check on from time to time and finally give up on because it is never updated.
My second obstacle was that I wanted my blog to be ubercool--to show how intelligent, sophisticated, talented, and eloquent I am, all without being pretentious and while entertaining the masses. (My friends Morgan and Stacy each have blogs that I have greatly admired for some time that manage this great feat.) The problem for me being that I'm not all of those things--okay, I will admit to the intelligence (what can I say, my parents were both smarties, so I didn't have any other option) but the other stuff is just a dream of mine.
I have finally decided that I want to use this space to relish this time in my life, when I am mothering young children. I definitely believe this to be the hardest job out there, and yet it is infinitely rewarding. At times I forget how rewarding it is; I forget to enjoy those little moments that come and to hold fast to the sweet hugs and kisses that will not be given so freely in a few short years. I hope that this spot allows me to be grateful for the life that I have and that my readers, be they moms or no, will be left with a happy feeling that there is still good in the world and joy to be found.
I may not write as often as I would like to, but I have a vision for what this will be and I have neglected my writing for a long time now. So perhaps this will turn out to be something that blesses my life by giving me opportunity to create and write and it will become more of a priority in that regard.
So, let me know if anyone out there is reading this. It will surely give me motivation to keep it going. And now I'll take a deep breath and click the "publish post" button . . . .

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