Saturday, July 14, 2007

Potty Training--Day 3

So, I'm on day three of a three day plan to get Ian potty trained. My mom has always insisted that it only takes three days if you do it right. So, on Thursday, I packed away all the diapers (I am too cheap to throw them away when I'll have another kid there soon enough) and showed Ian that their usual spot was empty. We put on some underwear, and I told him that big boys keep their underwear dry. Then every few minutes I ask him to check it and see if it is still dry. About every 30 minutes we take him in and have him sit for a few minutes. For sitting on the potty, he gets one fruit snack (a rare treat at my house) and if he goes, he gets the entire bag. We had a few s the first day, although he made it through his nap dry and woke up dry the next morning (we did take him once in the middle of the night.) We had fewer s yesterday--one wet and one of the other kind (blech! this potty training is not for the faint of heart or the weak of stomach). Today it really seems to be clicking--his only was #2 and he actually came and told me that he had to go once, which was wonderful.
We even went to the farmer's market today and then to Costco, where he went on demand. Yeah! Those of you without kids have no idea how monumental this is (and I apologize for the scatalogical subject matter.)
Nana brought him this cowboy underwear which he is showing so proudly in the picture and which he is working very hard to keep dry. He also got some new cowboy sheets from Target which he has kept dry at naps and bedtime. I am so proud of him. Hopefully we'll have him totally ready by Monday, when we pack him in the car for a six hour road trip (the ultimate bladder control contest.) I suppose we'll need to stop a couple of times to let him go.
Anyway, if you are trying to potty train your toddler, the best thing you can do is to get rid of those diapers and pull ups so that you don't have a crutch. Just prepare to clean up a few messes in the process. And have your carpets cleaned when you're finished!:)

By the way, I loved the The Order of the Phoenix movie, although it made me want to reread the book because they had to leave out so much. It was fun to see Helena Bonham Carter as Bellatrix LeStrange. She's in one of my favorite movies, "A Room with a View." Anyway, go see it (but not until you've read the book at least once.)


Anonymous said...

Yeah for Henry...So i think I will try on Monday sometimes its about training your self to take them I think I,ve been lazy.Good luck on the trip...

And I love the cowboy undies TOO CUTE


Andrea Harrison said...

Thanks for sending your blog url. I have enjoyed reading your entries over the past 2 weeks. You and your children are beautiful. We too are in the middle of potty training right now, so I could really relate to your last entry... Best of luck on the 6 hr road trip! Post more good recipes - I plan to try them all. :)

Michal said...

thanks for reading (and commenting!) i have tons of recipes that i'm planning to post. i'll try to get a couple more up in the next few days. good luck with your potty training.

Michal said...

don't know why he's into cowboys, but he really digs the undies and the cowboy sheets that he's kept dry (mostly). isn't he a doll?