Monday, July 23, 2007

Caught up in the World of Wizardry

It's Harry Potter season. Between the movie coming out two weeks ago and the new book out last weekend, everything's coming up Harry. I ordered my copy of Deathly Hallows to come via Amazon on the day of the release, but I relinquished it to hubby. You see, I generally re-read the entire series with each new release. This time, since I have a pile of books stacking up in my must-read-as-soon-as-possible pile (which is next to my bed and becoming too cumbersome), I have opted to read only book 5 and 6 before savoring the final book to the last crumb. I started listening to book 5 on tape on the way home from Whittier and am now deep into the school year, incensed by Dolores Umbridge and wishing I could tuck in with the students at their feasts. Just once I'd love to be there with the ceiling of stars and the tables drooping with feast food!
So, I'm not going to spend much time on this blog--I want to get back to my book, and a girl only has so much time to read when she has four children, including one who is teething and one who "thinks he needs to go potty" every 15 minutes--have I created a monster?
Here's a site for fun HP games, quizzes, etc.
Now, back to my book!


Rhonda said...

I am on Chpt 15, trying to make it last by putting the book down at every chapter to chip away at those projects we started, then rewarding myself with another chapter. It is a technique I watched my mother use, though I can't really say I learned it from her, as I am not very good at work before pleasure.

Michal said...

i am trying myself to get some laundry done this morning before i break open the book because i'm afraid once i open it, i'll be useless for the rest of the day!:) good luck with those projects!

Anonymous said...

Ok so as I have told you before I have never read or saw the movies, but your making me want to read it ... Matt saw the movies and said they were great.. Most of the time the books are better so I think I will have to take you up on you offer to borrow the books... ee you soon Mandy

Michal said...

you won't regret it. they are a fun read for sure.