Friday, July 13, 2007

Busy Friday

I am running around like crazy today, trying to help my mom do her taxes, make dinner for a couple of friends, get ready for our upcoming trip to Whittier (next week) and for our outing to see the new Harry Potter movie tonight (which means babysitter here.)And did I mention potty training and swimming lessons?
But I noticed that we could add a poll to our blog and I've been dying to know the answer to this question: Is my family the only one that froze our grapes in the summer time and enjoyed them like mini popsicles? Until recently, I thought that frozen grapes were a part of everyone's childhood experience, but Jared's family had never heard of such a thing. So weigh in on my first poll and let me know who has the stranger family culture!:) I already know it must be THEM!;)
Here are a couple of photos taken at swimming lessons. I love the 1950s public pool, and Ian loves that it's right by the train yard. On Fridays, the kids get to go down the water slide, which is always a highlight. Ian also enjoys the play area near the pool (thank goodness they have it, because Ian is a few months too young to make the cut off for swim lessons this year, much to his chagrin.) Since it is ancient, it is made of metal and is often too hot to enjoy, but not today!


Morgan said...

We totally ate frozen grapes! Tell Jared he's smoking crack.

Rhonda said...

I don't know - I think the pool buildings and play equipment is definitely 60's...mid 60's at that. I still found it charming, with a lot more grass than you usually find at public pools.
ps, Morgan, I wonder if the fact that your mothers were friends has anything to do with the shared grape culture? It was too long ago for me to remember where it came from.

Rebecca said...

I've only had frozen grapes once at a friends house when I was a kid. My mom didn't do it, but I knew about it!
You seem to be having so much fun blogging and it seems like such a good way to stay connected with family and friends. So...I started one too.

Michal said...

fun new blog! i love seeing your kids, as they are getting to be so much older than i remember them! thanks for sharing your blog (and the grapes experience!)

Michal said...

thanks for sticking up for my side!:) although i suppose my mom does have a point--did she and your mom compare notes back in the late 70s and early 80s when we were feasting on frozen grapes and they were buddies? hmm. see if your mom remembers.

Morgan said...

By the way- we'd love to see you while you are in Whittier! Give us a hollar!

p.s. Rhonda- I'm sure you are right regarding the grapes. HA!

Macy said...

So funny - my husband and I were at the grocery store just yesterday and he said "Have you ever had frozen grapes?" I haven't, but I'm excited to try them.

Michal said...

it is so good to hear that someone who was totally detached from my childhood had a similar experience! i feel so vindicated!