Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Halloween Wrap-Up

I know that by now everyone is OVER Halloween, but I just haven't been able to come up for air until now and I wanted to post.

My kids' adorable costumes are courtesy of their amazing Nana. She made Ian's a couple of years ago for Kimball and all the others she made in the two weeks before Halloween. (She made two other grandkids' costumes and hunted down the desired Batman for another as well.)

This little angel just got passed around at our party until she finally conked out on my friend, Sandy, for about an hour. (And no, I didn't wear a costume. I wear orange and black on Halloween. I have too many other costumes to worry about that night!)

The boys made their "spook alley" this year into Snape's dungeon office, with potions and spooky ingredients everywhere and something brewing in the big black cauldron. Aunt Becky showed up dressed as Ginny Weasley, so she fit right in!

Our party was lots of fun and benefited greatly from our new backyard. We did have a few too many kids on the trampoline all night long, but I haven't been contacted by anyone's attorney about it, so all's well. There was plenty of chili, hot dogs, rootbeer, and chocolate. I wish that I'd had my camera out more, but here are a few shots of those who haunted our house that night:

This little witch didn't make it over that night-- we missed you, Livvy!
If you had stayed till the end, you would have seen Jared pull out his bag of hairpieces and try them out on some of our guests. (Did anyone get a picture of Jared's costume? Because I'm a bad wife and didn't take one. Oops!)

If only Rich (on the right, above,) had worn the puffy pumpkin costume with green tights (like he did to the church trunk-or-treat), the party would have been perfect. Oh well, maybe next year!


Anonymous said...

Great costumes! We just watched HP tonight. My favorite is the ladybug though. I keep telling B that we need a girl so we can have cute costumes like that. Looks like a great party though!

Prudy said...

How fun! Your kids look so great in their costumes. Your mom is an amazing seamstress.

The Good Life said...

We had so much fun! Thanks for inviting us to your halloween party. I love the peek-a-boo picture of Paige. When you get a second will you forward it to me? My camera is missing in action and we didn't get a picture of her in her costume. Thanks!

Erika said...

wish we were there...oh well, i do get to see you tomorrow :-)

Ashley said...

Henry is too sweet to be so scary! And that guy in the braids? Yikes. Glad you captured it though. Seriously, where does Jared get his stuff?

Ellen said...

That was such a fun party! I loved watching your kids "in character"... I'm thinking acting just might be a great career for ALL OF THEM!:)

Jaye said...

I always love your Halloween Parties, thanks for having us. The new backyard and sideyard are beautiful.