Friday, October 30, 2009

Fabulous Five!

Our Ian turned five years old this week. Between being the third boy (read: always trying to keep up with his older brothers) and having a late-in-the-year birthday, by the time he has his glorious day I can't believe that he's not a year older. Hasn't he been five in my mind for ages?

Here are my favorite growing older quotes from Ian today:

"Mom, this underwear is too small for me now. 'Cuz I'm five. I think we need to sell it."


"Mom, I love you! And even when I'm a big-year-old, I'll still love you."

Ian, we love you, now, and even when you're a big-year-old. Thanks for being our fun-loving, energetic, enthusiastic little boy.


Scrappy said...

Oh, I love 5 year old boys. What is it about that age? Maybe the fact that they get a bit easier because they become a lot more independent, yet still young enough to say things like big-year-old. :)
Give him a hug for me!

P.S. Loving Bronwen's picture on your sidebar. What an adorable ladybug!

Prudy said...

I love Ian's quotes. There's nothing better than a little boy in the house that loves his mama. He makes one stellar Jedi. I wish he could come around here and spar with my young jedi. I'll let you know if we're ever in the market for some five year old underwear.

Erika said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! can't wait to see you on friday!!

mindyluwho said...

"big-year-old"...that's so cute!