Saturday, October 10, 2009

May the Force Be With You

We are big time Star Wars nerds in this family. We rarely shell out for concerts, but when we heard that Star Wars in Concert was coming to town, we knew we had to go and take the boys. What could be cooler than the music of John Williams performed by a large symphony orchestra with a live choir, lasers, smoke and flames, and a huge screen with clips from the movies?

The show did not disappoint. Here are a few shots I took as we looked at the gallery of SW paraphernalia in the concourse. We were glad that we let our kids dress up because Arco Arena was teeming with kids from a galaxy far, far away.

Here's Henry doing his best impression of moody Anakin. Actually, he was a bit hesitant when it came time for a photo op with the Dark Lord--and he wasn't happy when I pushed him into the picture anyway! Mothers--sheesh!

Still making me pay for taking pictures when he doesn't want them. But come on-- Han Solo! Frozen in carbonite! We had to have a shot of this.

It looks like I caught Henry having fun after all! He tried to fool me, but I'm too smart for him.

I have to confess that I got tears in my eyes when the show started and Ian's face just lit up with excitement. Great music always makes me a little emotional anyway, but seeing that look on your son's face is just priceless.

Now Jared and I have a hankering to watch the entire six-episode saga. As often as we watch movies, that may take us months. Movie marathons were much, much easier in our college days.


Jeannetta said...

Awesome!We're so envious, we too LOVE Star Wars!

Anonymous said...

Best concert ever!! Thanks for letting us come with. We had so much fun.

Scrappy said...

Very cool! It sounds like it was a great time. I would have gotten teary-eyed too. I love moments when children are so happy like that. So sweet.

Love the sunshine... said...

Star Wars coming to Sacramento without your boys would have been so very sad. I am glad you all got to go. Henry is gonna laugh at these pictures one day (or not!)

cellista said...

Those are some great pictures!! It's coming here in a few weeks. My boys aren't into Star Wars...yet. I'm sure it won't be too long before DH indoctrinates them.

We went to the Lord of the Rings Symphony here a few years ago (same concept as SW in Concert.) It was awesome. I'm more partial to that music myself.

An Ordinary Mom said...

This would have been a blast! Love all the pictures. And the concert itself would have been magnificent.