Saturday, November 21, 2009

I Need a Sponsor!

Dear Land of Nod,

Do you need a mommy blogger to help you with your advertising? I would be so happy to have you as a sponsor. It would be easy for me to go on and on about your quality children's furniture, your cute little names for things, and your stylish new baby gifts and gear. But the real reason I want some free swag in exchange for my endorsement? I want oodles of your toys under our Christmas tree this year.

The only thing I can't gush about is your prices, which could be a bit more budget-friendly for this mother to five. And yet, unlike so many toys in the big box stores, these aren't made of poisonous, lead-laden plastic and paint. They don't light up or make arcade noises. These toys don't talk back to your kids, allowing them to use their own (gasp) imaginations and to invent their own dialogue. They don't have any heavily merchandised characters that induce my children to swear their loyalty to a movie or brand. And that may save me some money in the long run!

So, just in case you had me in mind for such a gig, I'm attaching my wish list for Christmas. If Santa could come early in the form of a gigantic gift card from your lovely store, I would really appreciate it. Until then, I will try to be content with a few of the less budget-killing items and watch for a sale.

For my boys:

"Do you hear what I hear?" is just the kind of eavesdropping device my little Harriet-the-Spy wannabe would flip over!

And it coordinates perfectly with this "Secret Agent kit", an item which happens to be on Kimball's rather extensive wish list this year. (I wonder where he gets it?)

My little nephews would be over the moon to get this fire engine or "If I had a hammer and workbench" from Aunt Michal.

For my Girls:

"Thank heaven for little girl dolls" and coordinating pillow pals are sweet, indestructible, modest, and don't push my girls into the teeny-bopper stage too soon. Can I just grumble for a moment about how much I hate most of the dolls out there for little girls? Grumble grumble.

Cutest little "Starter house perfect for first time owners". Love it. Too bad the family and all the furniture are sold separately. This Santa's helper wants them all.

One of the many accessories that I love to go with the kitchen at the top. We might end up with the cookie set, but sadly, we'll have to make do with our plastic hand-me-down kitchen without an LON sponsorship.:)

This stylish stacker is perfect for the baby who already inherited everything from her older sibs. As is the vanilla flavored teething ring (not pictured). What a great idea.

These adorable blocks almost make me want to sit down and stack them up. And there were several other equally beautiful block sets.

These are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to educational toys and games for all ages. I think Bronwen may get a few of these under the tree to keep her busier during "school time".

In short, please have your people call my people. On second thought, you'd better email me. The background noise of my life is too chaotic for any official phone calls! I'm sure that we can arrange a mutually satisfactory situation! I'll brag all about your wonderful toys and furniture, and you'll send me one of everything! Deal?


Sonja said...

oooh...I've been perusing the Land of Nod catalog too. We get SO many catalogs this time of year. I agree, a lot of their stuff seems WAY too expensive.
For "character free" toys we also like: magiccabin (dot) com
and hearthsong (dot) com

Still a little on the pricey side. We really liked the marble run, lacing cards, silkies and building blocks.

After you get them to sponsor you, send them my way please. :)

mindyluwho said...

Seeing your wish list almost makes me want little ones again...almost! I love the stacking blocks!

Ashley said...

The cookie set is TOOO CUTE! I think it would go great with something Santa wants to bring someone at our house this year.

Christine said...

They should choose me- and I will decorate my boy's room with their products...

Christine said...
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