Thursday, August 6, 2009

Real Families, Real Answers

Have you seen this show on BYU-TV? It is absolutely wonderful!
I have been watching it recently and find each episode to be uplifting, encouraging, and thought-provoking. It is clearly written for all families (not specifically an LDS audience), and in fact is careful to refer to faith generally rather than a faith specifically. The show is really well done and professional.

Some of the topics that they discuss are: family finances, parenting strategies, parenting teens, blended families, strengthening marriages, overcoming addictions, single parenting, and more. It makes me think about our own family traditions, discipline, and communication style.

Most people outside of Utah will find that BYU Television is included in their cable or satellite package. If you don't have access on TV, you can watch the show here.

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Angela said...

I haven't read blogs lately, and I am getting caught up with yours. We are actually in the finance episode, I think number 8. We filmed it a two summers ago with them. We love the series!