Wednesday, August 5, 2009

This Morning

I just had to report on a productive morning. Here's what I've accomplished as of 1:30 pm:

  • baked a batch of whole wheat bread (scroll over for recipe)
  • baked a double batch of french bread
  • fed my kids (with only a few threats) Cream of Wheat and blueberries for breakfast
  • filled out an application to join a public charter school for homeschoolers this fall
  • had my new dryer delivered (we had to buy the dryer to go with our new washer) and both appliances installed. (Lowes does this for free! Next day!)
  • washed my first loads of laundry in the new machines
  • fed my kids lunch
  • created an event on facebook for the family reunion that Jared & I are planning
  • made a batch of Prudy's homemade pickles. We LOVE them around here!
  • got dressed (but will squeeze in a shower later--I had to make some sacrifices for all this domestic productivity:)
  • fed the baby twice
  • put Ian and Bronwen down for naps twice
  • set off the smoke alarm during naps by burning the cornmeal on the bottom of the french bread pans. oops.
  • put Bronwen back down a third time after she freaked out from the smoke alarm
  • wrote a blog post
If only every day could be so productive.

Here's what Margaret's been doing:

And my darling FIL took the boys to the free movie this morning and then kept the big boys for an afternoon swim. I'm not complaining! Now, for my nap. Do you think the city can send someone over to fold all my laundry?:)


Rebecca said...

Good work mama!

We have public charter schools over here that cater to homeschoolers too, as well as completely online virtual academies that send you all the needed to supplies to teach your kids at home. I've heard they are really great, I hope it works out for you. We attend a regular public charter school, but I have been enticed a time or two to go the homeschooling route, just not completely yet.

Allison said...

Wow! I'm exhausted and all I did was take my boys to the park!

mahina said...

wow! you amaze me!

Nancy said...

Go Michal! Just try not to beat yourself up tomorrow when you can't get a thing done. I knew you would buy the dryer. Is Jared thinking that your free washer was not so free?

Judy Stohl said...

What a busy day you had - made me tired to read about it. The bread looks so yummy!! I wish I was there to help you fold clothes and have a warm slice of bread. You can certainly plow through the work. You are a wonderful mother and the new baby is beautiful!!

Julie said...

wow I'm busy with my kids in other ways ...sounds like a busy day and congrats on the washing machine.

April said...

Looks like you're putting your Bosch to work!

Scrappy said...

And I was proud of myself for going to the park and Target, both in one day! Okay, so I am still proud of myself, that is a lot for me lately.
Thanks for the recipes. I have been craving homemade french bread lately.

Michal said...

don't get me wrong-- i have not been this productive in months, nor do i expect tomorrow to be as good.:) but i'll take a day like this from time to time.

Prudy said...

Are you doing K12?
I made french bread this week, too. I've got to make it again, but tonight I'm making the little tamale cakes from Cheesecake Factory. What a great day you've had! Makes me want to get off the computer and get busy. Your baby is soooo cute. I'd better send you that gift that I have wrapped and sitting in my closet before it is too late!

Grammy said...

All I can say is WOW...way to go! I can almost smell all that wonderful bread. By the way, I made your amazing chocolate chip cookies - they were
W O N D E R F U L !!!


Hansen Family said...

Good job! It makes me tired just reading what you did - especially considering the late night feedings you are doing. Hey...what is the card game that you guys love to play? I am trying to think of a birthday present for my nephew who LOVES playing games and is super smart!

Michal said...


not k12, just the local program. i get to choose my curriculum and can use some of the funds toward activities like horseback riding, music lessons, and art classes. they also offer small group classes and we're looking at a hands-on science or asl class to do. the bummer is that i have to follow their calendar, but it is fairly flexible.

i'm afraid there isn't just one card game we love to play, but i would suggest "gang of four" as one of my favorites.

Kimberly said...

Wow...I'm not sure I've done that much all week!

Steph @ Diapers and Divinity said...

Good heavens, woman! I have to agree with Kimberly. PLEASE do take a nap; you're making the rest of us look bad. :)

Christine said...

I had a productive morning- once.... I think it was about 6 months ago...