Friday, August 17, 2007

Top Ten Reasons I'm Glad We Had Another Baby

Many of you out there don't think it's strange to have four children, but there are plenty o' people whose eyes get big when they see us out with our energetic progeny or learn that we have multiplied and replenished the earth to the tune of four kids. Anyway, I've been feeling so happy lately that we didn't worry about what strangers and acquaintances think and had another baby. Here are the top 10 reasons today that I'm glad we had another baby:
  • 10- It gave me a decent (not good, but decent) excuse to be flabby and overweight for a little bit longer.
  • 9- It’s so great to have someone’s eyes light up when I walk in the room. The more kids I have, the more people I know who do that (current count is five: Jared and the four kiddos.)
  • 8- I’ll have a baby the same age as three cousins on my side and one on Jared’s side. I like that.
  • 7- Girl clothes—I love them!
  • 6- Seeing the tender side in my three boys, who fawn over their baby sister constantly. She has truly brought peace into our home.
  • 5- I’ll have a daughter to chat with, shop with, and bake with in my old age. And hopefully she’ll like reading all my favorite girl books like Anne of Green Gables, Betsy and Tacy, Nancy Drew, Agatha Christie (ok, not so girly, perhaps), Jane Austen, E. M. Forester, etc etc.
  • 4- If having a family makes us happy and will bring joy in this life and in the eternities, why wouldn’t we want a big one? More kids equals more joy and love in my life. (And only a little more anguish, worry, and sleep deprivation.)
  • 3- I love nursing. I love having a newborn nurse like a ravenous little animal. I love having a six month old who sometimes can’t finish a feeding because she is so busy smiling at me. (I'll spare you a picture!)
  • 2- With a daughter, I am suddenly more aware of the fact that she’ll be a mom someday and I’ll be the grandma. I don’t know how to explain it, but having a daughter gives me greater insight into my own life, my mother’s, and the generations of women that surround me.
  • 1- Take a look at that face!


Anonymous said...

Being a mother of two boys and one girl I agree with your top ten... Dont get me wrong theres nothing like my boys but a girl is a special gift... I love to think about all the things we will share and what a responsibilty I have to teach her to be a good wife and mom... And to watch my boys and husband tender side with her always brings tears to my eyes... Thank you for reminding me why we had another baby and how special they all are...


Rebecca said...

I guess I'll say ditto to Mandy's comment. Having two a baby girl also. It's just different having a girl. It's also nice to have an itty baby again. I walked into the room the other day and Matt was holding Madelyn on the couch and as soon as I spoke, her eyes were on me, she could have gotten whiplash she whipped around so fast. And the sound she made started us all laughing...kinda like "arumph" but a sound of relief and satisfaction that Mommy was finally around. It's nice to be loved.

Cornfields, children and waterballet said...

Loved the blog about having another baby. I have a theory about the large families of today. I think today's families of four children are yesterday's families of 8-10 kids. It's just where we are.--Only a thought.

Your children are beautiful! And as an only girl and the mother of an only girl and the sister-in-law to an only girl and the aunt to several only girls among hundreds of boys, I have to tell you that I love my girl. She is so fun. We just started doing the pedicures and the shopping and the whole lunch-date thing and I love it. I love boys but am so grateful for "Miss Laura."

Children in general are just such a joy. I often just can't believe that there are "little" people running around calling "ME" "MOM!"


Deborah Gamble said...

Beautiful post! And beautiful baby!

Michal said...

i love that so many moms responded to this. i know that we all feel this way about our kids but sometimes don't stop to remember how blessed we are to have them in our lives. thanks, guys, for enjoying motherhood with me today!

Anonymous said...

I loved this post. Children, especially babies are the greatest gift ever. I was blessed with three girls and three boys and there were and are times I wish I had been able to have twice that many. Baby smiles still melt my heart - and now we have ten grandchildren to love too.
I just found your blog through my son-in-law, Michael Dean.

Roxanne (Kiersten's mom)

Michal said...

welcome to my blog! it is a labor of love and an outlet for me. thanks for the reminder that we young mothers will look back on these days with longing.