Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Cursing Blogspot.com

OK, so I spent over an hour this afternoon writing a poignant post remembering a childhood experience --- it was up for about an hour. I went back in to add labels, which I had forgotten to do, and somehow I lost the entire thing and it looks like edited cursewords--which accurately reflects how I feel right now! I'll repost it, but I won't have time this afternoon. I don't know which is worse--the time I lost or the fact that I may not be able to completely reproduce it.


Rebecca said...

I read the post before it was gone...and I enjoyed it very much.

McD said...

I don't know what foregin language that is but I am sure it was never offered at the schools I attended. I did find the other day that it had auto saved my entry. Of course it did not matter since I had already entered the blog again.

Michal said...

so i finally recovered it in my cookies file but for some reason it still wouldn't publish in english for over 24 hours. i got nothing else done in that time! pathetic.
sorry, rebecca, that i lost your comment on the original post but it went away when i deleted the post. glad you enjoyed it. thanks for reading.