Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Brick Walls

Monday morning we packed up our school things and took them to my mom's house. She was out of town and we were going to give her kitten some people time while also doing math, history, and literature.

We headed over and I explained to my kids what our itinerary was going to be and what they should do when we got to Nana's. "Nana won't be there and we won't be running off to the playroom today. We are not going to wander off to the bookshelf and get lost in a book. We are definitely not going to immerse ourselves in Calvin and Hobbes for the morning. You can play with the kitty for a few minutes, but then we have work to do-- it's a school day! Kimball, you'll start with Math Lesson x; Henry, you'll work in your spelling book, and Ian and I will read together. Then we'll take a look in the Japanese box that Nana pulled out for us and read more about the shoguns. If we can get our work done, maybe we'll have time to go to the library before lunch!" I love giving them a view of the morning as I'd like to see it go, with a reward of some kind for using our time wisely.

Just then, we pulled up in front of the house, and Ian said very matter-of-factly, "Mom, I didn't listen to a word you just said."

He was baffled when I couldn't stop laughing.


The MacGregors said...

Oh, THAT is too funny!

Prudy said...

I love it! That reminds me of the time Sailor told me, "Everything you just told me went right in one ear and right out the other!" At least they're honest! Gotta love um!

Tamara said...

I love that you called this post, "brick walls."

Have you ever heard of Randy Pausch (who gained fame for the Last Lecture before dying of pancreatic cancer)? His thoughts are that brick walls are there to show us how badly we want something.
Thank goodness Ian is always there to help you realized how badly you want things to happen!

Mama Rachel said...

LOL! That's one clever kid! :-D

Bunsy said...

Thanks for the eye opener. I'm considering home schooling next year, so things like that are probably going to happen to me. Thanks for your funny and positive outlooks. Keep blogging!

Jeannetta said...

Too funny! What can you do but laugh! lol