Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Everybody's Doing It

Bronwen has a habit that makes me (and you other mothers out there) cringe. It is not completely uncommon among preschoolers, but she really seems to revel in how much it revolts me. I have attempted to convince her to stop with protestations of how dirty and yucky it is, but to no avail. Yesterday, we had another conversation about it, and I tried a different approach (which you will find, FAILED)! If you were a fly on the wall, here is what you would have heard transpire:

Bronwen: Ooooooo, yummy boogers! (Yes, I know she was baiting me.)
Me: Bronwen, that is so gross. If your friends find out that you pick your nose and eat the boogers, they won't want to play with you anymore. No one likes to be friends with someone who is disgusting!
Bronwen: Oh, Mommy, all my friends eat their boogers!

So much for that strategy. I guess I'll have to try to have the self control to shrug it off  and hope that she doesn't grow up to be a nose-picking, booger eating monster.:)


Yvonne said...

Common quote around my house (said loudly by mother.. even in public)... "Boogers are not food!" But, I have found a technique that helps diminish it. Everytime I see them picking I simply say, "Go wash your hands with soap and water." At first they asked why and I explained that they had germy hands and I did not want the germs. Now, they sigh and go do it. They find it very irritating and I think it has decreased its frequency.?

Scrappy said...

Haha! That is just too funny. She's probably right though. :)

Keli and Mike said...

Jamison is doing the same thing! It drives me nuts!

Ashley said...

I hope not all her friends are doing it... :) But they probably are. Don't sweat it!

angelj44 said...

Sooo funny! Hopefully she'll grow out of it soon for your sake.