Thursday, January 3, 2008


Here are some resolutions I had this time last year. Let's see how I did:
  • Stop raising my voice with my kids--Even though I have by no means accomplished this goal, I'd like to think that I am better most days at controlling my temper with them. I am definitely mindful of this goal always, which helps. Nevertheless, it continues to be a major struggle of motherhood for me.
  • Get back into a good exercise routine after Bronwen is born--I did finally accomplish this, although it was quite a bit "after" Bronwen was born. After struggling all spring and summer with this goal, getting out for occasional walks, etc, I got back in my gym groove in November and managed to keep it up pretty well through the holidays. I have a long way to go to meet my fitness goals, but I know that regular exercise will help me to get there.
  • Stick to a budget and be better at discerning between wants and needs--My goodness, as I read over these in my journal, I realize that I have the same resolutions this year! I guess I still have the same old weaknesses. I do feel like I made strides in this department, particularly towards the end of the year.
  • Eat healthy and help my kids develop a healthy lifestyle--We had our good days and our bad days--and an awful lot of those bad days came in the month of December. Once again, this is a big one on my list for the year.
  • Be more regular about my scripture study and prayer. Try to do it in the morning.--This one really has gotten better in 2007, though I still have an occasional day that I miss. The point is to have the habit well established, and I think I can say that it is.
It's a little bit discouraging to review last year's goals and have them look so much like 2008's goals. Here are my New Year's Resolutions for 2008:
  1. Take the time each morning to reflect on the day and what my goals are. Prepare myself mentally for the challenges which could push me from my course. This preparation is best done if I will rise early, exercise, pray, meditate on my day, and study the scriptures or at least listen to a Conference talk on my mp3 player.
  2. Be content with the blessings that I have been given, rather than always wanting more, especially when it comes to material things. Take the time daily or a few times weekly to record in my journal some blessings of the day.
  3. Reach outside of myself to serve other people each day. Look for opportunities to do this.
  4. Continue my new habit of exercising 5 times per week. Incorporate the principles of healthy eating habits to achieve my weight loss goal for 2008 of 40 lbs.
  5. Learn to be more self- reliant in 2008 by a) planting a garden and tending it, b) building up my food storage that is waning, and c) learning a new skill such as sewing or canning.
Thanks for letting me list these for you. I think that accountability is important for me. Now that I've committed this to all of you I am more likely to follow through. Feel free to share some of your resolutions if accountability helps you (translation--comment, please!:)

In the coming days, I'm going to post some awards for 2007, including "Book of the Year" and "Woman of the Year." So keep coming back!


Rebecca said...

These are all great resolutions. I have actually never made New Year Resolutions. I just go with the flow I guess and change things as I think of them rather than make a list once a year. I'm sure you do some of that spontaneous resolving too. Best of luck in making the changes you are striving for!

Michal said...

I, like many LDS women, am constantly setting goals and evaluating my progress. But I never have been able to resist making New Year's Resolutions. By the time January rolls around I am always ready for a fresh start and a "new me." It probably has something to do with overindulgence over the holidays.

Anonymous said...

Plant a garden? Sounds very ambitious for a city gal with four children. The Tiger Academy should learn a great deal if it succeeds.
Good luck!

scrap chair potato said...

I would love to plant a garden this year also. I bought the seeds last year--maybe I will use them this year!
I stopped going to the gym at about the time you started last year. That is definitely a priority this year. I always feel so much better after going to the gym. Even though it is hard, I love doing that for myself.
Good luck with your resolutions!

mindyluwho said...

I have not set goals the last couple of years, because I would get depressed when I got to the end of the year and have not accomplished what I wanted. This year I am going about it differently which I will soon post about. I think that will help with the accountablity.

I too like a fresh start!