Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Bogged Down with Life

I am sorry that I have been such a slacker blogger lately. Besides having lots to do (as you all do at this time of year,) the posts that I have knocking around in my head right now will take some real time and effort to get just right, and I want to do that. But I haven't had the time and effort to give them and therefore, I haven't been posting. In the meantime, it is fairly obvious that I have lost all my readers but two or three. I can't say I blame you. I'm going to put a Thanksgiving poll up on my site, basically just to see if anyone is still out there, so if you are still hanging in there with me, please respond to the poll.
I hope you are all reading Erin's holiday blog on Rachael Ray. At least she's posting, even if I'm not.
Tomorrow is the day I make pies, lots of pies. My sister, Alli, my sister-in-law, Erika, my mom, and I will gather together and make pies and listen to Christmas carols (Sorry, Suldog,) and relish in the together time. Here's a link to my favorite traditional pecan pie--the reason it is the best you'll ever taste is that the pecans are toasted. It makes all the difference. I'll also be making a couple of Mary Jeane's famous apple pies, but I can't post the recipe without her permission. Maybe another time.


Mahina said...

i'm still here! i'm sticking it out! have a wonderful thanksgiving!

Michal said...

thanks, mahina, for not giving up! you have a great thanksgiving too!

Diane said...

I'm relatively new here, (sort of a lurker?) but I understand! I think most mommy bloggers are very forgiving of people missing in action for awhile. I myself have done it a few times, and I always get my readers back! I think we're all overworked moms who can't always blog as much as we wish we could. You're in my Google Reader, so I know as soon as you post! Thanks!

david mcmahon said...

Apple pie? What did you say your address was?


Morgan said...

Happy Thanksgiving!!


Michal said...

i'm so glad that you haven't given up on me. you are right--our job as moms is so demanding (and so important) that sometimes it just doesn't allow for things like blogging as much as we'd like.

Michal said...

you can come over for pie anytime. it's quite a flight, though.

Michal said...

right back at you!

scrap chair potato said...

I wish I were there to make the pies right along with you all. We enjoyed the picture of the pies that was sent to our cell phone!
I was just thinking about the year we went to the beach house for Thanksgiving. It was so much fun...except when someone tried to steal my truck!! ;)

Michal said...

you had to bring up the truck incident! that's food for blogging about some day when i want to poke fun at myself.
hope your thanksgiving was wonderful. we would have loved to have added you to the crazy mix here.

Suldog said...

Hi, Michal:

Just now found that you linked to me in this one.

It's OK. Sing as many carols as you want, whenever you want. Just as long as you aren't on my radio or on my TV or in my stores doing it before Thanksgiving. In that case, I would have to kill you :-)