Wednesday, November 10, 2010

More Showing Off

Ian wants everyone to know that he, too, learned a lil' monologue of Shakespeare's. His is from Othello and Iago is speaking. He is in his Halloween costume (a knight to King Henry V) at Nana's house. I am posting two versions because we disagree about which is better.

The kids had so much fun with this that we are working on some Thanksgiving poems now. Maybe this will motivate Kimball to finish learning his choice from Hamlet.


Judy Stohl said...

Oh my - another movie star in the family. Great job Ian!

angelj44 said...

Great job Ian! Talmage thinks that your costume is cool.

Mama Rachel said...

My kids and I all thought both boys (Henry and Iago) did an AWESOME job! (And you've inspired my teens to work on their Macbeth soliloquy!;-D )