Monday, February 1, 2010

Time Flies On Wings of Lightening

I heard a piece today on NPR about a scientific study, which found that time does actually seem to move faster as we age-- as our brains slow down, which sadly, they do with each passing year, time seems to speed up all around us. While this wasn't a very reassuring finding to someone creeping nearer to 40 every day, I had no problem believing it to be true. My slowing brain is finding it difficult to conceive that three years have passed since we went from being an all-boy family to one that included our sweet Bronwen.

Here's a brief glance at her birthdays so far. The next one is just around the corner at the rate we're going. But it will seem like an eternity to her.


Jaye said...

happy birthday bronwen!

Anonymous said...

What would life be like without our beautiful Miss "B" ?

TheQueen@TerrorsInTiaras said...

I read a chapter in one of my husband's scholarly journals about time and aging and all that. It said that one of the reasons life flies by so quickly as we age is that a lot of the things we do become routine. We shower the same, do the breakfast routine...all the stuff we do because we've finally learned what works for us is our downfall. Days blur together. It suggested recording things that happen in your day that are different, and time seems to slow and we remember more. That was the theory anyway. My babies turn 11 tomorrow, and I'm pretty sure they were just born, so I don't think anything is slowing, no matter how many blog posts I write. :)
(Anyway, this short novel post was brought to you in honor of Queen Bronwen. Happy Birthday!)

Adrienne said...

I think it was C.S. Lewis that pointed out that time feeling like it flies indicates we are eternal beings bound by finite constraits. Something divine and infinite inside of our consciousness recognizes that we are not of this world.