Wednesday, February 10, 2010


*I actually ran a full mile this morning! Without stopping. I have been struggling to get in my 10 miles a week goal, but have been getting out at least a few days a week to do 2-4 miles of running and walking. This is by far the furthest I have run before taking a break to walk. Possibly in my life. I wanted to yell out "I'm running! I'm a runner!" at the gym, (like Bob in one of my old favorites. Why do I always think of that scene when I do something out of my comfort zone?)

* Henry turned eight a few days ago. That' a big one for us, as it means that he's old enough to be baptized, which he will be doing this Saturday. We are so proud of him. Coming soon: a video interview with the birthday kid.

*Little Meggie is discovering she loves solid food and mobility. Although she's not crawling yet, she rolls all over the room to get where she wants to go-- even down the hallway. She reminds us of a little pill bug and this family couldn't be more charmed by her.

*The boys are trying out some new sports this semester: Ian and Henry are in gymnastics now (with a class for Bronwen in the works), and Kimball is fencing. More on that, once I remember to bring my camera to class. Fun is being had by all as they push their bodies to do new things.

*And happy _9th birthday today to my wonderful mom-in-law, Myrna. She has been melting away lately at such lightening speed. Thanks for setting a good example to all of us, Mom!


Anonymous said...

And one particluar person made MY day. Thanks, Michal, I love you!

Christine M said...

Congrats on the running! That's awesome.
I still quote Bob, too. We watched that movie the other day for the first time in years--it's still funny! (Not all such movies stand the test of time....)

Grammy said...

Congrats on the running - I have never been a runner - I hate it in fact. But, I am trying to be better at Curves and Tom & I are walking at the mall when we can.

And...Little Meggie is such a cutie bug - I just want to squish her little face. I think she is a total Michal baby.

Aubrey said...

Ok that made me laugh! That is the exact scene I think of when I run. When I did my 5K I was thinking that. I'm still not even comfortable calling myself a runner, but I always think of Bob. "I run. I'm a runner. I just let the shoes do all the work. That's my secret."
Running a mile is a big deal good for you!!!

Aly sun said...

Just wanted to stop by and say thank you for the recipe for honey wheat bread you posted ages ago. We farm wheat and grind our own to make flour. I never had a recipe for bread that I liked, so I bought bread at the store. Now I make your (your mom's) recipe all the time. My family loves it and we feel so spoiled to have bakery quality bread, home grown, and home baked.