Tuesday, June 10, 2008

More Reasons to Adore My Husband

(Not that you should adore him. These are reasons for me to adore him.)

Saturday, I had the chance to go to San Francisco for the day with a few friends and sisters (my SIL, Lindsee was visiting from Salt Lake City) to have a Mom's Day Off. This trip was facilitated by my husband in two ways:
  1. He kept the kids all day. (And cleaned the house, to boot!)
  2. He convinced a friend who owns a limo service to take us at no charge. Hazatah!
We spent the day in the Union Square shopping district. We all bought a little, but no one went crazy. We had a great time being together, looking for the perfect purchase, soaking up the city and the great architecture (especially at Neiman Marcus and Williams-Sonoma), and enjoying fabulous food. Here are a few of the highlights, although I confess that the camera stayed in my purse for much of the day. It was a completely frivolous day, which feels good once in a while.

Chuck William's personal table, which was on the third floor of the four-story Williams-Sonoma flagship store. Or should I just call it paradise? What I should have captured with my camera was the long wall of linens. Breathtaking is not too strong a word.

The foyer of Neiman Marcus, which holds all the cosmetic counters. Although our group spent 45 minutes in this store, I never got past the Laura Mercier counter, where I got a little make-over. I splurged on the best tinted moisturizer I've ever found and a new lipstick. Happy birthday to me!:) Heard rumors that the others fell in love with a pair of $4,000 shoes. Yikes!

Here is the dome above the cosmetic counters. It came piece by piece from the Paris store.

We had lunch at Max's on the Square (the Max's near us closed it's doors two years ago and we've never forgotten how much we loved it); and dinner at Lupa, one of my favorite restaurants ever. Somehow I mostly got pictures of Isaac, our only male and baby, enjoying his food. He had the waiters at Lupa wrapped around his finger. At one point they even picked him up and showed him the cooking area!

A little girl's apron we loved in Anthropologie; there wasn't much we didn't love in that store. Unfortunately it was our last store of the day and didn't get the time it really deserved. (Confession-- we took a picture hoping that someone could duplicate this for less than the $24 price tag. That's so very Mormon of me:)

Other highlights which deserved a photo but didn't get one include: a group of women doing what can only be described as synchronized swimming on bars in the square; finding H&M, which is often featured on What Not to Wear--and discovering it to be very affordable; the two story Talbot's, with huge comfy chairs to take a quick break on; the lemon white chocolate tart at Lupa's; and not having to drive home when we were exhausted, full, and a bit drowsy.

Better yet, when I got home my house was spotless and my children fast asleep. I hope the other girls can say the same!

Thanks, honey! You're the best.


Melissa said...

What a fun time! Looks like you had a blast! San Fran is a fun place to visit and explore.

scrap chair potato said...

How exciting! What a sweet hubby you have.

Christine said...

Hey- check out my post tomorrow- Wednesday- we have some similar pic's!
Tell Jared I adore him, (a little.)

Allison said...

It was a fabulous day! Thanks Jared! Thanks Michal for including me. (I'll have to forward you pictures of the delicious lemon tart and the waiters with Isaac.)

Erika said...

What fun! Makes me wish we lived closer for sure.

mindyluwho said...

What a treat! In a limo...how cool is that!

Anonymous said...

Oh I have been to the WS Flagship store- isn't it AMAZING? I had forgotten all about it. Looks like a great day- and a clean house? WOW! Kudos to Jared!


Mahina said...

see it is outings like this that make me so excited to have daughters! what fun we will have on our mom/daughter outings! can't wait!

sounds like it was a fabulous trip! i need one of those getaways!

My Ice Cream Diary said...

Sounds like a fantastic early birthday treat! And is that a store or a cathedral? It is so lovely.