Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Rantings of a Deranged Mind

I am exhausted. This has been a busy week. And it's not over yet. I just got home an hour ago from a wedding for which I made and served the cheesecakes. And even though we made the cheesecakes a month ago and froze them, I still spent most of today and yesterday making sauces, ganaches, lemon curd, etc. to garnish said cheesecakes. My sis got some great photos, so I'll bug her to post them. She did a fabulous job dressing up one of the cheesecakes with some buttery-yellow fondant and chocolate brown ribbons as the wedding cake. If it weren't so much dadgum work, we'd go into business together. But I like what little free time I have and am not anxious to surrender it.

Anyhow, I'm obviously addicted to blogging because when I got home I just wanted to go to bed, but I sat down at the computer "just to check my email" and here I sit an hour later, starting a post. After reading a dozen of my favorite blogs. Crazy, foolish girl.

In the next two days I need to get caught up on housework and laundry, take my kids to the library before we rack up fines, get ready to take the kids on a four day roadtrip to Nana's, attend a charity event, meet my girlfriends for Park Day, take the two oldest boys to Mother/Son Sports Night, . . . oh, and haggle a car dealer down to a price that we're willing to spend before the lease is up on our van--this weekend. Because it would be pretty hard to take a roadtrip to my mom's (or even just get everyone to church) if we don't have a van. The whole car thing has been giving me fits this week. As in realizing-in-the-middle-of-the-night-that-I've-been-clenching-my- teeth-and-now-have-a-most-heinous-headache kind of fits. I'm tired of having all of my conversations with my husband focus on which van, how much we can really afford, do we really need the 8th seat that I love having, can we find one without a DVD player, do we WANT one without a DVD player, have I looked at xyz website yet or called abc dealer? I'm tired of smooth-talking sales guys and even more tired of the sales guys that don't seem to be listening to me and ask me the same questions over and over. I've now decided that the worst thing about a lease is that when it ends you are forced to make a decision whether you want to or not. I'd be thrilled to just keep my van and keep paying the same payments, but they aren't offering to extend our lease and our buyout is more than the van is worth. Anyway, why am I rambling on and boring all of you? I'll just be glad when it's Sunday night and we are at my mom's (assuming that we actually bought a van) and this will all be behind us.

And I don't want to look at cheesecake again for a long time. Blech.

Wow, what an uplifting post! I guess I needed to vent.

On the bright side, my wonderful husband took the four kids to pack meeting tonight without me (I was at a wedding reception, remember?) and didn't even complain about it. When I came home tired and obviously cranky, based on the rantings above, they were all sleeping peacefully. Sigh. What would I do without him?


Sonja said...

what would I do with out them?

well, you wouldn't have the van problem for one thing. ;)

AND you could go into catering! Because, wow, those cheesecakes sound fabouloso!

BUT then I wouldn't be able to admire and enjoy your wonderful blog posts (even the not-so uplifting one) and think about how much we have in common. :)

An Ordinary Mom said...

I am glad you were able to come home to a peaceful and quiet house after such an exhausting day. I bet that made you smile! I also really want to see some pictures of those amazing cheesecakes.

I hope your van buying woes turn into a happy ending. We were in that same position a little over a year ago, and you do lose sleep over it.

Good luck with everything ... and please rant whenever you need to. We are all here to support each other!


Rebecca said...

I'll say an extra prayer just for you this weekend. You're going to need it, it looks like!

That's such a cool idea to use cheesecakes like that. If you're sick of them, send any leftovers my way!

Good luck with your car search!

My Ice Cream Diary said...

Yowsers, woman, you need a break! It sounds like your life is just jam packed with blessings. ;)

I know how you feel about the car thing. If it isn't cars it is house buying and there are times when I have to tell my husband not to even mention the subject so that we can talk about something else. I hope that headache goes away soon.

Yvonne said...

You would lose your mind without a great husband! (even though sometimes they get on one's nerves!) The last van we bought was a piece of cake..ooops, sorry, I forgot you were sick of cake! I went online to the manufacturer website, chose all of the features that I wanted, AND the color and then sent my info to a local dealership and dealt with their fleet department. I got a phone call within an hour from a dealer who said they could get that car for me by the next day. I asked that all paperwork be ready when we got there and we spent about an hour going over details and finishing up the financing paperwork (that part took the longest) and then I drove away my perfect van! I did not have to deal with regular "sales" guys...
it was awesome! Good luck!

Lynell said...

Sounds like you have a great guy! How nice to come home to a quiet house.

Those busy, hectic days make everyone a little crazy. Glad to hear that you made it through. And it sounds like a huge success.

Way to go!

mindyluwho said...

When I have weeks like that I just put my mind ahead to where I want to be and kind of live in that pseudo future while dealing with the present!

You know whereabouts I live, if you are needing to drop off any cheesecake!