Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A Christmas Poem (ish)

Twas the night before Christmas and cousins arrived,
The shocking thing only that Mom had survived.
The presents were wrapped, at least mostly, by then
And Momma was striving for Christmas-y zen.
The laundry was done; the house was quite clean
It really was such a picturesque scene--
As long as the closets and fridge were unseen.

Along with the cousins came uncles and aunts,
Grammy and Papa and Nana in pants:)
We sat down and feasted, then feasted some more
On roast and potatoes, and fresh rolls galore!
The salad was scrumptious, risotto divine
Fresh fruit was included so kids did not whine.

Then after dinner, with costumes on kids
We hopped into cars, headed off to the skids.
Not skids exactly-- I needed a rhyme--
We went to see old folks with plenty of time
On their hands, all alone on this Christmas Eve night.
To share with them music and scripture and Light.

Alas, Momma neglected her camera to bring
To capture the family who'd gone there to sing.
But each of the singers will not soon forget
The faces of those who beheld our small set
And sang along with us when they knew the tune
We knew that we'd come not a moment too soon.

Then home to new jammies and cookies set out
With milk and a note, then to bed with no pout.
For each child wondered, "Is it really true
That Santa will wait for my sleep to ensue
Before he leaves presents and stockings for me?"
Their parents assured them that thus it would be.

The poor parents bustled and bustled until
They at last went to bed with their hearts all a-thrill
At the thought of their kidlets' next morning reaction.
They restlessly tossed, tho fatigued, with distraction
Till six-thirty came and the children all raced
To see what in their stockings that Old Elf had placed.

M&Ms, toothbrush, and gyroscope too
Hexbugs and sunglasses, legwarmers blue
Candy canes, Legos, a little girl doll
Bakugan, Pez, oh, I can't name it all!
They stuffed in their mouths as much candy as fit
While we waited for grandparents over to get:)

Then we went to the tree, all the gifts to unwrap
My readers have no need to get a recap
Of each little thing, but with love we exchanged
Gifts with each other; no one was short-changed.
Then the Dads made us breakfast-- again we were stuffed
And Mommy remarked that her eyes weren't puffed.

She'd managed to make it through Christmas this year
Without ever shedding a melt-downy tear--
That is, if you ONLY count Christmas Day morn
For meltdowns are common at Christmas, we warn.
Perhaps she did freak out a few times before
But nothing like she'd done in Christmas of yore.

And next year she swears to go simpler, my dear,
In order to spread out that Christmas-y cheer
To soak it all up with her kidlets and kin
And not let the stress and consumer-ness win;
But she's said that before-- she is prone to forget
And overdo Christmas for many years yet.

Hope you had a merry, melt-down free Christmas!


Allison said...

You are so clever! What a wonderful Christmas! Thanks reminding me how fun it was.

p.s. I need you to email me that picture of Isaac.

Sea Star said...

Very cute! It looks a like Christmas was great. I too always say it is going to be simpler next year but somehow those presents end up under the tree and stuff seems to fill up all our time and space.

I am glad we are now starting to settle down and heading into more normal life!

mindyluwho said...

I love it! I made it this year without a melt-down, but still could have been simpler!

Happy New Year!

Myrna said...

Christmas was great with the clan. You always make things lovely. I'm on board for simpler next year if you can stand it. I believe!!


Anonymous said...

A simple Christmas? Lets see, five kids and relatives galore. Dream on! But you do a wonderful job! I love Christmas at your home.


My Ice Cream Diary said...

This is so sweet and all to familiar. I even had it all set this year to give no presents, just one big family season pass to a famous amusement park. Yeah right! But it was fun, just the same. =)