Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Caution: Wide Load

It's baby number five and *SURPRISE* I am showing earlier and bigger than ever before. Yesterday I hit a pregnancy milestone that in previous pregnancies hasn't hit until month 7 at least: I misjudged the size of my round belly and bumped into something. I did this not once, but twice.

As I entered the building to my ob/gyn's office yesterday, I took the corner too quickly and bumped my belly right into the side of the sliding glass doors. Quickly, I looked around to see if anyone had seen my clumsiness. Thankfully, the only person in the lobby was a woman busy trying to keep her two year old from climbing in the elevator, and she took no notice of me. I thought to myself, "Already? This is happening to me already?"

Then, only a few minutes later, after leaving a special little something behind in a cup for the medical assistant to inspect, I exited the office's bathroom and bonked my belly with the door. Really? Twice in an hour? This is getting embarrassing.

And with a little more than 3 months to go, hopefully I'll still fit behind the steering wheel in month 9. Anyone interested in shuttling my kids to swimming lessons this June?


Anonymous said...

Day one of each of my pregnancies I became so clumsy as to be dangerous to anyone foolish enough to be around me. (This is when we switched to Tupperware dishes and cups.) It didn't diminish until their births. I learned later that my mom was the same. Sometimes it isn't about size, it's just about being pregnant. And you don't look wide or large; you look lovely!!


Kim said...

Well, since you are so convinced that I am to be grouped with the "young and tiny" pregnant ones, let me assure you this doesn't have as much to do with size as you think. I am doing the same exact thing this week.

And I was ever so thrilled just last night to hear my husband say, "Aw, honey, your belly button is poking out of your shirt already." Wasn't there a more sensitive and loving version of my husband around just a moment ago?

I am also beginning to wonder how I could possibly have 3 more months to go. I just don't remember being this "out" before. At least we can console each other. :) I'm here for ya babe!

Sonja said...

You KNOW I would be happy to be your shuttle driver. :)

Here I am, shaking my head again, and wondering how it is we have so much in common. Except for me, it was with baby #4. I kid you NOT. 6mo. check up. Dr's office. Bumped into the door AND the counter. Unfortunately, there were witnesses in my case and I will never forget it.

Hang in there you incredible woman. That baby will be here before you know it.

Rebecca said...

Forget the steering wheel, how about the bathroom stalls at church? Ours are very old and quite small. I'm worried I may have to duck behind a tree outside. I hit five months on Tuesday, and the little guy has gotten the cue and started growing rapidly.

An Ordinary Mom said...

If I lived closer I would help out in a heartbeat :) !!

Jaye said...

I am clumsy from day one too!
Just enjoy being pregnant, and don't worry about anyone else catching you being clumsy. Atleast you have an excuse! (i don't anymore)

a10cowwoman said...

Yeah Michal! I am thrilled for you. I'll keep skying on you through your blog. I know you keep things real here.

Tami said...

Yea! I am so excited for you!! I was just loving our little Rachel today (#5) and I was thinking about you and wondering when your #5 would be coming. Congrats! I was huge this pregancy too. So brutal. Good luck with everything! You are such a wonderful mom.