Tuesday, January 6, 2009

New Healthy Habits Challenge

Come on over to the Healthy Habits blog to read all about it and sign up. You know you want to make some changes! Okay, I'm the one who needs to make some changes and to tighten up old habits that have gotten too lax with the holidays--but I'm too weak to do it alone. So join us. You (probably) won't regret it!:)

New post coming soon here. Should I reflect on 2008, report on what things I want to do differently next year to stop the Christmas crazies, share my personal focus for 2009, or just find something entertaining and fluffy? I can't decide. Speak up if you have a preference!

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Love the sunshine... said...

Well of course I like everything you do:) I think fun and light hearted and LOTS of pix of the kids and your family! I also love your long blogs, your writings are so comforting and lovely. I am signing up for the "local biggest loser." I will do healthy challenge for sure when you start it up! Hope all is well with the family and the office.