Wednesday, February 10, 2010


*I actually ran a full mile this morning! Without stopping. I have been struggling to get in my 10 miles a week goal, but have been getting out at least a few days a week to do 2-4 miles of running and walking. This is by far the furthest I have run before taking a break to walk. Possibly in my life. I wanted to yell out "I'm running! I'm a runner!" at the gym, (like Bob in one of my old favorites. Why do I always think of that scene when I do something out of my comfort zone?)

* Henry turned eight a few days ago. That' a big one for us, as it means that he's old enough to be baptized, which he will be doing this Saturday. We are so proud of him. Coming soon: a video interview with the birthday kid.

*Little Meggie is discovering she loves solid food and mobility. Although she's not crawling yet, she rolls all over the room to get where she wants to go-- even down the hallway. She reminds us of a little pill bug and this family couldn't be more charmed by her.

*The boys are trying out some new sports this semester: Ian and Henry are in gymnastics now (with a class for Bronwen in the works), and Kimball is fencing. More on that, once I remember to bring my camera to class. Fun is being had by all as they push their bodies to do new things.

*And happy _9th birthday today to my wonderful mom-in-law, Myrna. She has been melting away lately at such lightening speed. Thanks for setting a good example to all of us, Mom!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Time Flies On Wings of Lightening

I heard a piece today on NPR about a scientific study, which found that time does actually seem to move faster as we age-- as our brains slow down, which sadly, they do with each passing year, time seems to speed up all around us. While this wasn't a very reassuring finding to someone creeping nearer to 40 every day, I had no problem believing it to be true. My slowing brain is finding it difficult to conceive that three years have passed since we went from being an all-boy family to one that included our sweet Bronwen.

Here's a brief glance at her birthdays so far. The next one is just around the corner at the rate we're going. But it will seem like an eternity to her.